Deliver a more personalized experience to your customers

Real personalization means reaching the right contact on the right channel at the right time with the right message.


First-party data collection across devices combined with additional data sources means less silos, more synergies.


Understand your customers and your business by turning data into insights.


Harness the power of data-driven marketing for a personalized customer experience.


Customer Intelligence

Reach people, not devices. Webtrekk ties user behavior to a user profile so you keep track of how customers engage over time and across devices. Gain access to the most advanced, enterprise-grade analytics solution on the market and transform your questions into analytical insights.

  1. Collect all the data your users create on your website and app, even on TV and smartwatch.
  2. APIs and SDKs are available for all major technology stacks.
  3. Use data for creating a personalized user experience across all your channels.
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Customer Engagement

Own your data and make it work for you. Activate and enrich your website data with information from your CRM, email or ERP system to reach your users at the right time and place.

  1. Reduce costs by using first-party data.
  2. Create remarketing and onsite marketing based on purchasing behavior, customer lifetime value or end device information.
  3. Precisely target your users so you leverage the true potential in your data
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Business Intelligence

Use data your way. Webtrekk’s approach to data collection is flexible enough to take your individual business requirements into account. Store data in your own data warehouse and/or store it within Webtrekk.

  1. Webtrekk provides a dependable data source that feeds internal data warehouse architectures.
  2. Data to power predictions into how your visitors will behave in the future.
  3. Export data quickly and easily in a way that matches your business intelligence model.
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“A reliable partner is key for integrating data. With Webtrekk we were not only capable of exporting raw data in an easy and effective way, but also to enrich it with other data. Being able to plug into historic data significantly improved the productivity and efficiency of our project.”

Piotr Birketoft

Senior Digital Analytics Specialist, MAVA

“As an e-commerce company, MYTOYS GROUP pursues a data-driven approach and makes data-based decisions. Here, the Webtrekk Analytics Engine helps us on a raw data basis. This raw data enables us to create metrics and dimensions individually for each shop and, thanks to the extensive dashboards, our KPIs are clearly and easily viewable at all times.”

Julia Blessin

Teamlead Web Analytics, MYTOYS GROUP

Data Privacy – Data Quality – Data Ownership

All data collected with Webtrekk belongs to you. It is not shared it with any third parties and your customer data information is not given to or sold to other companies using RTB or programmatic platforms for retargeting. Your data is kept in our ISO-certified computing center and only you have access to it. Webtrekk guarantees the highest data protection standards, is TÜV-certified and stores its data on servers in the European Union.

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A World of Opportunity - Webtrekk & Mapp

Two Leaders. One Way

Webtrekk’s expertise in analytics, customer intelligence, dashboards, machine learning, and AI perfectly complements Mapp’s digital marketing platform, Mapp Cloud. The combination of Mapp’s deep customer acquisition and engagement capabilities with Webtrekk’s customer insights will create a next-generation digital marketing platform.

Together, we’re developing solutions that provide:

Machine learning technology to analyze customer behavior

An integrated platform

Enable further centralized customer data pooling

Improve engagement with customers with the right content across all channels

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