Webtrekk, one of the market-leading Customer Intelligence Platforms in Europe, will continue to operate under the Mapp brand with immediate effect. Below, we will answer the important questions. Further information can be found in our Press Release.

What are the reasons for this change?
Since the company was founded in 2004, Webtrekk has focused on creating a successful Customer Intelligence platform. Today, intuitive and easy-to-use insights are a central pillar for successful medium-sized and larger companies. Meanwhile, no company can succeed in the market without cross-channel marketing. The goal is to address each individual contact in the right channel, at the right time and with the right message, based on first-party data. This is why we joined forces with Mapp, the leading digital marketing platform, last year. Together, we offer a holistic technology platform that, in combination with cross-channel customer engagement, is unmatched in the digital marketing ecosystem. We call our revolutionary approach Insight-led Customer Engagement.

What does Insight-led Customer Engagement stand for?
Successful marketing is based on reliable, actionable insights that enable regular cross-channel customer interaction based on first-party data. Such first-party data provides direct and immediate insights perfectly suitable for data-driven marketing, more specifically for cross-channel campaign execution. We meet this market shift by offering an insight-led customer engagement platform.

Will existing Webtrekk contracts remain unchanged?
Yes, all existing Webtrekk contracts with customers, partners and service providers remain unchanged. Legal form, address and legal status of Webtrekk GmbH will not be touched until further notice. Employees and organizational structures were already integrated into Mapp in June 2019. Contracts and conditions remain valid for all customers. On a technical level, the Webtrekk products will be integrated into the digital marketing platform Mapp Cloud. Our technology platform will continue to be further developed in the future.

Will the legal form be changed in the future?
Webtrekk GmbH will continue to exist for the foreseeable future. Should the legal form be changed, customers, partners and service providers of Webtrekk will be informed well in advance.

How do those changes reflect on the product?
Webtrekk Analytics will be called Mapp Intelligence and will become part of the Mapp Cloud. However, it will continue to exist independently as a standalone solution and will see further improvements for analysts and marketers alike. We have already completed several integration steps between Webtrekk and Mapp Cloud since last years’ acquisition. In the future, we will focus on seamless integrations for insight-led customer engagement, providing our customers with first-party data for a next generation cross-channel marketing.

What are the advantages?
Customers benefit from the strategic realignment under one umbrella brand and from even better services through our combined analytics and data management expertise in a cross-channel environment. Among others, customers already experience advantages from pre-defined campaign dashboards for detailed customer insights and engagement trends, as well as AI-based marketing intelligence, user predictions and scorings. Our goal is to provide our customers with an insight-led customer engagement platform.

What characterizes Mapp Intelligence in the future?
Mapp Intelligence strives to increasingly support our customers in initiating new customer interactions regularly and successfully. Therefore, we rely on AI-supported predictions and alerts, among many other things. Our aim is not only to provide analyses, but also to develop reliable and directly applicable insights for smarter marketing. By transforming data into directly usable insights for our customers, they will be able to plan more efficiently, improve their marketing performance and get significantly higher results from their budgets.

What’s Mapp’s data protection strategy?
Just like Webtrekk, data protection and informal self-determination is also part of Mapps’s DNA. Mapp is GDPR compliant and follows the highest international data protection standards. Mapp is ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certified, which ensures security management, as well as protection of all personal data, in the cloud. The interaction between Mapp Intelligence and the Mapp Cloud occurs  in full compliance with current data protection regulations.

Are there any changes for existing customers?
Mapp Intelligence will continue to be developed, based on its own dedicated roadmap. The technical development will be facing towards future customer requirements and will equally take into consideration the needs of analysts and marketers. Meanwhile, customers and partners can continue to rely on all contractual and data protection agreements remaining valid. Germany as a location is and will remain a central component of future product development, so nothing will change in terms of reliable infrastructure and data protection standards. We will continue to comply with all data protection, data security and order data processing regulations. At the same time, we will continue to maintain full client data separation. Clients will continue to be the sole owners of their data in the future.

In short, we are very pleased to now be part of the Mapp family. We have ourselves high goals for the integration between Mapp Cloud and Mapp Intelligence. The combination of our customer intelligence solutions with Mapp’s capabilities in cross-channel marketing opens up completely new potential for our customers. In the future, we will continue to offer our technology and services with our typical high levels of quality.

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