The following data is collected: 

  • Request (file name of the requested file)
  • Browser type and its version (for example, Mozilla Firefox 33.0, Internet Explorer 10, etc.)
  • Browser language (for example, English)
  • Operating system
  • Browser resolution
  • Screen resolution
  • JavaScript activated: ‘Yes’ or ‘No’
  • Java: ‘On’ or ‘Off’
  • Cookies: ‘On’ or ‘Off’
  • Color depth
  • Referrer URL
  • Shortened IP address for geographical analysis to the city level
  • Timestamp
  • Clicks
  • E-commerce information such as order value, products, quantity, etc.
  • Form content: Free text fields such as Name, Email, Account Number and Phone Number are tracked as ‘completed’ or ’empty’. The actual values are not tracked.

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