We are developing our solutions to support leaders, marketers and analysts to become both more efficient and more effective.

Working with a combined platform provides a safer, cheaper and more powerful alternative to traditional marketing clouds. Combining Webtrekk solutions with the Mapp Cloud, in compliance with current GDPR legislation and all other data protection requirements, means that ‘Mapp Cloud powered by Webtrekk’ creates new potential for marketers and data analysts.

Webtrekk and Mapp Potential

Watch the webinar, ‘Huh? To Aha!’, to learn about how to use Webtrekk and Mapp to their fullest potential.

How Webtrekk and Mapp Fit Together

Webtrekk allows data collection on websites and in apps as well as data from third-party systems. In addition, with Mapp, customers will be able to integrate data from the email and push channel, SMS and other channels.

Customers will benefit from the added advantages of seeing their segments and insights work seamlessly with email, push notifications and other marketing channels. This also includes Webtrekk’s onsite marketing capabilities such as product recommendations, onsite personalization, overlays and remarketing logics.

About the Mapp Cloud

By combining our expertise with Mapp’s platform, we are opening up new opportunities for our customers. The multifaceted portfolio can be tailored to any need and made available to the most diverse industries.

Christian Sauer, Founder, Webtrekk

Together, Mapp and Webtrekk will evolve into a true customer experience platform – empowering marketers and data analysts in their day-to-day work to deliver exceptional value to their customers.

Steve Warren, CEO, Mapp

Webtrekks’s customer intelligence and Mapp’s customer engagement is a very promising combination for data-driven marketing. I’m looking forward to the new possibilities.

Frank Arweiler, Marketing & Communication Manager, BNP Paribas S.A.

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