Data alone does not generate revenue – you have to use it.

We want our customers to have the ability to use our tools to their fullest potential – this is where the Customer Care and Consulting Teams step in.

Collect with Precision

Consulting packages combined with Webtrekk can help your organization address users with precision, increase conversion rates and save unnecessary costs.

Analyze with Experience

Having worked with hundreds of companies with varied backgrounds, we draw on those experiences and our knowledge to help you move your organization forward.

Activate with Insights

We can support you with strategic consulting, helping you to make the best decisions – you can look forward to improved performance.

Customer Relations and Consulting Solutions help customers use the full potential of our tools.

Strategic Business Consulting

From data collection to optimization Webtrekk Business Consulting is your experienced partner who can translate figures into insights and data-driven recommendations.

  1. We strive to understand the challenges faced by your organization and develop individual solutions to meet and solve these challenges.
  2. Consulting Packages help your organization address users with precision, increase conversion rates and save unnecessary costs.
  3. Get Webtrekk set up properly right from the start with consultants who have years of experience with Webtrekk and analysis.


Running your organization in a data-driven manner should not be a burden, it should be a plus! We help bring teams together and get things flowing.

  1. Webtrekk-led workshops can get into the deeper topics with you and your team. Everything from big projects to kick-offs, we’re there to help.
  2. Successful analysis depends on good interdepartmental cooperation – our workshops can inspire, organize and challenge teams so they go to the next level.
  3. Our many years of experience we train new employees and conduct workshops designed to provide long-term knowledge.

Customer Support

Our Support Team helps you with additional information regarding the functionality of our products and helps you with your daily business.

1. We specialize and fast feedback and solutions to your daily questions, no matter if it’s tool administration, marketing setup or data import/export.

2. We help to understand your data better by assisting you to build the right analysis for your organization’s goals.

3. If you have setting requests or experience technical difficulties, we are the right ones to turn to.

Analysts for Hire

Interim data analysts – short term by the hour or long term.

  1. Our team’s Professional Analysts are available for hire based on the needs of your organization.
  2. Short-term you can hire us for a few hours to analyze, report on or repair something
  3. Long-term you can hire our professional analysts to support daily business operations and strategic decision making

Your Partners in Data-Driven Decisions

In order to truly successfully work with data an enterprise needs trained resources, in-depth knowledge and coordinated processes.

We draw on our many years of experience to help you move forward. We’re ready and willing to help!

After your team optimized our tracking, our data quality improved and we can generate more insights.

Mario Schmidt, Digital & Online Marketing Lead, Bank of Scotland

Frequently Asked Questions

Which requests are free and which are charged?

The training materials from the support center, FAQs, documentation and online training courses are always free of charge. But when a request relates to your Webtrekk setup it is considered is an individual request and therefore is not free of charge. This also applies to telephone support with an individual contact person or specific training run by our training team.

We want you to be able to get the most out of the tool which is why we offer advance consulting services for strategic consulting, workshops, process implementation, and technical debugging. All of these require expertise and a longer investment of time therefore we customize Consulting Packages based on your individual needs and look for the best person or people who fit your specific challenge. More info:

What are the benefits of paying for consulting?

There are hundreds! We can inspire you not only how to use the data but also what is possible to collect! We’ll show you what you could be collecting as well as what you can gain from that. Read more about our team members to get to know our experts – their experience should speak for itself.

Should we buy a Consulting Package or Training Package – what do you recommend?

Training Packages are best used when you are first starting with Webtrekk and when new team members join your organization. (More info) Consulting is not so much for training – we require you to have a basic understanding of Webtrekk as this enables us to be more specific in our support and tackle more advanced themes. We certainly recommend that every new customer buys a Consulting Package for implementation of Webtrekk to prevent hiccups later and ensure smooth implementation – with a Consulting Package your organization can minimize time wasting during the set-up process. We’re here to help.