Show the value of television commercials on the customer journey.
Uncomplicated, sustainable, enriched.

With Webtrekk and our qualified partners, you can link TV data with all other online data. For the first time, you can compare and merge TV marketing and online marketing based on the same metrics. The advantage is that by combining both segments it creates significant added value.

Benefits of TV Analytics:

  • Take a holistic view of the customer journey for the first time
  • Intuitive and flexible dashboards for the highest demands
  • Content checks. Which TV commercials lead to the best conversions? Which products are the top performers on television?
  • Unique possibilities linking data on a centralized platform
  • Optimized budget deployment through precise conversion measurability
  • Maximum flexibility – you choose which data flows back into your Webtrekk account, be it spot version, channel or airtime

And the best thing about it – implementation is very simple!

Our technical partners have all relevant metadata at their disposal and have access to AGF television research data and comparable information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What data do I get from Webtrekk TV Analytics?

You will receive all the data you have come to expect from our regular campaign tracking – costs-per-visit, cost-per -conversion, and order value for converting visitors. TV stations are shown as the ‘Entry Source’ metrics, so their performance is measured as well. You can also identify which TV spot converts best.

What does Webtrekk offer that other providers in the field of TV analytics cannot?

No other provider is able to link complete analytics data with such precise TV data—this is fully automated.

What is the implementation effort?

The Webtrekk TV plugin must be integrated into your tracking pixel. All you have to do is deliver the TV spots versions and bookings. Webtrekk and our partners do the rest for you. Shortly after you will gain unique insights into the interests of your TV target groups.