Webtrekk Raw Data Exports are available
in numerous formats and download intervals.
Due to the comprehensive data basis
you can generate significantly more conversions.

Analysis based on raw data gives you a more complete and diverse picture than aggregated or sampled data can. Therefore, you are well-advised to leverage your own data. Having a comprehensive and unaltered database means top performance, plus it is easy to use with third-party systems such as your CRM or Data Warehouse. When exporting, you can filter according to your desired metrics and freely select data formats, export intervals, and target media.

Advantages of Raw Data Export:

  • Have virtually unlimited analysis capabilities based on all the data ever collected
  • Simple and effective exchange with your data warehouse and BI systems
  • A holistic view of each individual customer thanks to Webtrekk Insights combined with completely anonymized CRM data
  • Cross-device user segments based on website data, marketing apps, and email marketing activities
  • Highly personalized marketing thanks to intelligent data enrichment

Frequently Asked Questions:

In which formats can raw data be exported?

Raw data is usually exported in CSV format. We are happy to provide you with raw data via FTP server so that you can further process it in your third-party systems (CRM, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence).

How often can raw data be exported?

Generally, the export frequency of raw data can be freely configured. In practice, we recommend an hourly or daily export. For continuous, real-time, raw data export, you can use Data Streams.

Are the standard Webtrekk data enrichment functionalities also available for use within the raw data?

Of course. Raw data can be enriched with information from our cross-channel tracking solution, Cross Device Bridge, or location data.

Does all available raw data have to be exported even if only a few key metrics are relevant for us?

You decide what exact raw data that you want to export. In selected cases, it pays to export all raw data from Webtrekk and in these instances, we recommend selective data transfers. The corresponding settings can be easily set up and adjusted if needed.