Visual processing gives data its value – both for the most diverse stakeholders and cross-department –
always keeping common corporate goals in mind.
Webtrekk dashboards can help you communicate these metrics internally.

What constitutes good dashboards? Your data can tell unique stories, and it is essential to have consistency in the way you present your data. To answer even the most diverse questions, dashboards should offer decision-makers the opportunity to view key figures in a variety of ways, for example, by marketing channel, campaign, content, region, or business area. Simultaneously, intuitive dashboards enable all departments to use and act on the same database. This enables the entire company to quickly capture and keep track of KPIs and never lose sight of the common goal.

Webtrekk Dashboard Benefits:

  • Centrally merge and coordinate data sources, for example, integrate advertising budgets, Facebook traffic, and CRM information
  • Provide customized dashboards according to individual responsibilities and questions
  • Visualize and prepare data easily and effectively via drag & drop, adapt it to your own corporate design, and integrate external graphics, images, videos, and HTML elements
  • Create live dashboards for real-time updates, for example, to continuously monitor incoming orders and inventory levels

Frequently Asked Questions:

What data is used within Webtrekk Dashboards?

Our dashboards give you access to all Webtrekk metrics that are based on all available raw data. You can filter your dashboards as needed. Access either 100% raw data or data enriched with Webtrekk data such as device information, location information, or channel information.

Which metrics can I see within the dashboards?

You can see both standard analysis reports and individually configured reports. All you have to do is select a suitable chart type and add your metrics or standard analysis reports.

Can I get help creating a dashboard?

Our experienced consultants support you from the conception to the implementation of your dashboards. If you have any questions regarding the initial dashboard setup, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Do the Webtrekk dashboards display my real-time data?

You can populate your dashboards with both live data and static values. For business-critical real-time information, we recommend live dashboards that update automatically every 30 seconds. Live dashboards can especially give a competitive advantage to publishers or e-commerce companies who need to react in real-time.