Better understand each individual user

Webtrekk’s Cross-Device Bridge is based on a cooperative pool of cross-device data from various companies in Europe and the USA. Benefit from our solution, which for the first time, enables data protection compliant networking of users across different end devices. The Cross-Device Bridge consolidates data from various sources, making users anonymously identifiable across all devices.

The cross-device recognition not only improves your customer knowledge but also the customer experience. Users feel well-served across all devices.

Cross-Device Bridge Benefits:

  • Very good user recognition—completely anonymous even without logins
  • Up to 30% higher detection rate than with conventional solutions
  • Excellent budget control for cross-channel marketing activities
  • Optimized cost-per-order through synchronized marketing campaigns
  • Access to a cooperative, international pool of cross-device data
  • Detailed customer journey analysis

Illustrating the Cross-Device Bridge: An Example

Imagine a user visiting your website and Company Y’s website on their mobile device and their desktop computer – Company Y knows this user’s mobile and desktop behavior. You, on the other hand, only have the user’s mobile behavioral data. By sharing the user behavioral data of Company Y, you can link mobile and desktop behavior in a way that is compliant with data protection regulations. This results in a win-win situation – the user receives personalized content and you gain a holistic view of the customer journey.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to amend my privacy policy when using the Cross-Device Bridge?

The Cross-Device Bridge is GDPR compliant. It collects data anonymously. Nevertheless, you may choose to inform your users about the improved experience you can offer with the Cross-Device Bridge. Our experienced consultants will be happy to assist you.

If no login is required, how do you associate cross-device behavior? 

Via cookies, browser IDs, user IDs, anonymous e-mail addresses, and other data points. These identifiers are prioritized and queried accordingly in the shared data pool.

As a rule of thumb, how good is the device recognition?

Webtrekk is able to assign several devices to each user. As a company, you benefit from improved customer experience and better brand loyalty.