Analytics with the Visitor in the Spotlight

Webtrekk Analytics combines website and app visits even if different end devices are used –  a login is not required! This makes genuine, user-centric analyses of the cross-device customer journey possible.

Collect without limitation

Raw data is the fuel that drives business performance optimization and is an analyst’s best friend. Combine every dimension with every metric so no question will be left unanswered. Plus, the data collected belongs to you and you only.

Analyze cross-channel & device 

Truly understanding the cross-device customer journey is the key to modern marketing and analysis. Connect visits to devices without an identifiable customer ID enabling even the most complex organizations to get the full picture.

Activate! Make you data work for you

Data-driven decision making at its finest with ROI models, custom campaigns, predictive analytics and customer lifetime value calculations. We enable organizations to take efficient marketing to the next level. 

Your partner in success – more than just a tool

Premium Analytics that meets the highest of standards

We believe in data-driven decisions, and so do our customers.

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning make Webtrekk the smartest customer analytics platform of the industry
  • If you want the best, and if you want everything stored in one place, then Webtrekk is for you.
  • Webtrekk offers fully integrated solutions developed for CMOs, analysts and digital marketers: user-centric analytics with advanced dashboarding, marketing automation including programmatic advertising, testing, customer journey, tag integration and more.

Premium Analytics

Data Ownership

Data Ownership – Your Data, Your Way

With us, your data belongs to you. We don’t sell it. We collect it but we don’t use it. Your data stays in Germany and in an ISO certified location.

  • When it comes to raw data, Webtrekk analytics not only delivers 100% accuracy, it also enables unprecedented analysis flexibility. Whether from the web, an app or external data sources – everything is processed with user-centricity and can be combined without restriction.
  • Connect data imported from third-party systems (CRM, ERP, email marketing, etc.) with data you have collected yourself to gain new insights.
  • Filter analyses and KPIs without limitation – infinite combination possibilities are available to       answer even the most complex questions.

Personal Service – Helping you use the full potential of our solutions

One of our strengths is the personal service our customers get. You can always find someone to help you. We set you up from point zero to finished.

  • Our Support Team helps you with additional information regarding the functionality of our products and helps you with your daily business.
  • We specialize and fast feedback and solutions to your daily questions, no matter if it’s tool administration, marketing setup or data import/export.
  • We help to understand your data better by assisting you to build the right analysis for your organization’s goals.
  • If you have setting requests or experience technical difficulties, we are the right ones to turn to.

Personal Service

Your Partner in Data-Driven Decisions

Meet success head-on! Empower yourself with data that backs up your strategic decisions.

When using our Customer Intelligence Platform, all data can be collected cross-device, organized then activated to build the complete picture.

See the whole story. Tell the whole story.

A reliable partner is key for integrating data. With Webtrekk we were not only capable of exporting raw data in an easy and effective way, but also to enrich it with other data. Being able to plug into historic data significantly improved the productivity and efficiency of our project.

Piotr Birketoft, Senior Digital Analytics Specialist, MAVA

As an e-commerce company, MYTOYS GROUP pursues a data-driven approach and makes data-based decisions. Here, the Webtrekk Analytics Engine helps us on a raw data basis. This raw data enables us to create metrics and dimensions individually for each shop and, thanks to the extensive dashboards, our KPIs are clearly and easily viewable at all times.

Julia Blessin, Team Lead Web Analytics, MYTOYS GROUP

We have been testing Webtrekk Data Streams for some time now. The experience we have gained in the real-time monitoring of our websites is very promising. The management and dissemination of streaming information is very simple. We can very well imagine further expanding our cooperation in this area.

Oliver Remmel, Head of Digital Intelligence, Postbank

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The speed at which you implement Webtrekk depends on your organization – for instance, if you already have in-house Webtrekk knowledge and have a tag management system in place it can make implementation faster. A large part of our service for new customers is to train people, help you reorganize infrastructure, and help with implementation and usage, all which takes time. The good news is, the time invested in the beginning will pay dividends years into the future. For more information about support options please find more information here.

What’s the difference between Webtrekk and Google Analytics?

 Many, too many for a Q&A section of the website, but we’ll give you a few… You own your data – it is not used, sold, shared and your users are protected. You customize your reports, even create your own custom metrics (adding, dividing, subtracting, multiplying your own data). Our raw data exports and data streams are incomparable. Plus, you have excellent service.