Berlin, 25 July 2013
The Berlin-based company Webtrekk GmbH is continuing its path of expansion and preparing its entry onto the US market by
opening a new office close to Silicon Valley in San Francisco. The provider of high-end web analytics has established offices in
Milan and Beijing (Peking) since commencing its global expansion strategy in 2012 and serves clients in 25 countries. In addition
to the new US site, the company is pressing ahead with its expansion in Europe and has set up its own office in Spain. With the
new branches, Webtrekk is consistently pursuing its goal of establishing itself on the international stage.
”As part of our strategic orientation towards international growth, setting up business at a key US location is the next logical step
for us. Market potential in the United States is enormous, and our aim is to establish our analytics and digital intelligence
products there within the next two years“, says Christian Sauer, Managing Director of Webtrekk.
”International demand for digital intelligence solutions is on the increase. Our international clients are also demanding more local
contacts – our internationalisation is bearing fruits more quickly than we had planned“, says Ralf Haberich, Chief Commercial
Officer at Webtrekk.
Mark Beasley will be responsible for launching and managing the US branch
Webtrekk has signed up Mark Beasley to set up and manage the San Francisco office as Vice President for Sales in North
America. Beasley previously worked for MarketMotive, a US analytics agency, as Senior Account Development Manager.
Thanks to his years of experience in the analytics industry, he has a solid network of contacts for the US market. The 42-year-old
American’s main operational focus will be on the new client business and on acquiring additional staff for the areas of consulting and sales. He will report directly to Chief Commercial Officer Ralf Haberich.

Spanish team is complete

Webtrekk has already been active on the Spanish market for some time. With its own branch in Madrid, software solutions will
now be supplemented by a local service facility in the national language, which will be greatly appreciated in the locality. We
have appointed Diego Semprun as managing director. Yolanda Lozano, Country Manager Spain and Elisa Ramirez, Director
Client Services, will complete the team. All three are from Nielsen, and have years of experience and market know-how in the
analytics industry.

International success story

Webtrekk’s expansion to Italy and China within the last 18 months has proved very successful. The company has tripled its sales
with the international division during this period.
Recently new clients have been acquired everywhere, including the Italian music portal, Eckhart Teachings from
Canada, the e-commerce glasses shop in Malaysia, the news portal in the Czech Republic as
well as in China, a popular portal for furniture.

About Webtrekk

Berlin-based Webtrekk GmbH is a leading provider of high-end web analytics and a pioneer of raw data technology. As a driver
of innovation in the industry, Webtrekk develops new analysis technologies that fulfil the most complex requirements and offer an
almost unlimited range of analysis functions. Leading sites in e-commerce, finance, content and media use Webtrekk for tracking
and benefit from the technological lead afforded by Webtrekk Q3. Start-ups that want to equip themselves with a professional
analytics system which can be tailored to fit the latest business model from the very beginning, are on the right path with

Webtrekk Q3 has been awarded an official certificate in “Certified data protection” from the TÜV (German Technical Inspection
Association) in Saarland, Germany, which confirms data protection compliance and the security of the software.

Webtrekk’s customer base includes companies such as, DIE ZEIT, ProSiebenSat1 Digital, Esprit, Tchibo, Douglas, Zalando,, Rebuy, Wimdu, Mister Spex, KfW Bankengruppe, Stiftung Warentest, MEDION and Hubert Burda Media.
As well as the Q3 web analytics system, the experts at Webtrekk also provide comprehensive consultancy services in the area of
web analysis. Webtrekk GmbH currently employs more than 50 staff members, who are continually at work on in-house
development and the improvement of products and services.
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