Berlin, October 23, 2018 – Webtrekk, one of Europe’s leading premium customer analytics platforms, will be participating at the NOAH Conference in London on October 30 and 31. Its attendance at this internationally renowned event for the digital economy is a further step in the expansion of the independent tech company’s European market position.

With a total of more than 140 employees in Berlin, Milan and Madrid, Webtrekk ranks among the largest European operators in the customer analytics market. The Berlin-based company is drawing on the NOAH Conference, which has grown into one of the leading events of the European Internet and digital economy over the past ten years, as an important indicator of current trends and developments in the industry. Christian Sauer, founder and board member of Webtrekk, comments: “Webtrekk is currently working on products in the areas of data integration and automation that will enable our customers to achieve even greater marketing efficiency in the future. We look forward to meeting key decision-makers and pioneering newcomers in the European digital sector at the upcoming NOAH.”

Webtrekk’s GDPR-compliant first-party data ensures maximum data integrity and availability through the use of raw data exports. The customer analytics specialist pursues a dedicated best-of-breed approach in order to provide its customers with optimal results. Companies can use Webtrekk to effectively fulfill their individual requirements and benefit from tremendous flexibility in conjunction with third-party systems. In addition, with its cross-device tracking that necessitates no login, Webtrekk advocates a free and independent internet. Webtrekk’s solutions are deployable across all industries. Among its customers are FlixBus, Esprit, ING Diba and MyToys.

About Webtrekk:
Webtrekk is one of the leading premium customer analytics platforms in Europe. Webtrekk enables companies to understand and analyze the behavior of their website and app users across devices and to apply these insights to targeted marketing measures. With its best-of-breed approach, the independent tech company offers well-founded analytics expertise, while its tried and tested first party data offering helps customers achieve maximum data depth. Webtrekk guarantees highest data protection standards and is TUEV-certified. Data is stored on servers in the European Union. Founded by Christian Sauer and Norman Wahnschaff in 2004, Webtrekk now has over 140 employees. The head office is in Berlin, further branches are in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. More than 400 customers rely on Webtrekk – among others FlixBus and MyToys. Learn more at

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