• Black Friday 2018 vs. 2017: Three percent increase in visits and eight percent increase in the number of orders
  • Comparison to a typical Friday: Ten percent increase in visits and 156 percent increase in orders
  • Year-on-year, Black Friday shopping shifts into the evening hours and shopping baskets grow considerably larger

Berlin, 28 November 2018 – According to an analysis by Webtrekk, one of the leading premium Customer Analytics Platforms in Europe, traffic to online shops and websites rose 8.04 percent on Black Friday, 23 November 2018, compared to the previous year. This was an increase of 156.15 percent compared to a typical Friday. This Black Friday analysis substantiates the overall positive sentiment among European consumers and in the economy.

In the analysis, Webtrekk evaluated the number of visitors and the order volume from a total of 311 European customer websites and a total of 3.2 billion user actions. Data from Black Friday 2017 and a standard Friday, November 16, 2018, were used as the basis for the comparison. While online shops and websites achieved a total of 299,239,600 visits and 3,436,400 orders on Black Friday 2017, this year saw the number of visits and orders climb to 307,790,200 and 3,712,600 respectively. This corresponds to a three percent increase in visits and an eight percent jump in orders.

Pawan Yadav, Senior Web Analyst at notebooksbilliger.de explains: “We at notebooksbilliger.de have turned Black Friday into a Black Weekend with hot deals on premium brands and the latest high-tech products. Visits and orders developed spectacularly between November 22 and 26. Our Black Weekend is so successful that we don’t just hold it on Black Friday, but several times a year.”

“On Black Friday we had our most successful toy sales day in 20 years. Plus, we had five times as many visitors register with our online shop when compared to an average Friday,” explains Julia Blessin, Team Leader Web Analytics at MYTOYS GROUP.

Compared to a typical Friday, the evaluation revealed a 10.35 percent increase in website visits while the number of orders grew by 156.15 percent, therefore the number of orders was significantly disproportionate to the increase in traffic. This indicates the successful placement of Black Friday offers and larger shopping baskets. Overall, consumers made significantly more purchases and orders. At the same time, this also indicates that consumers are not only heavily focused on Black Friday as an important date for Christmas gifts, but also for their own personal purchases.

During Black Friday 2018, consumers intensely visited websites and subsequently purchased products. This becomes particularly clear given the one-hour delay observed between visits and the placement of orders. The most visits were recorded on Black Friday between 8pm and 9pm. Orders were most frequently placed between 9pm and 10pm. In general, shopping on Black Friday shifted from morning hours to the evening in comparison to the previous year.

Christian Sauer, founder of Webtrekk, comments: “Black Friday originates from the American tradition of boosting Christmas season sales the day between Thanksgiving and the weekend by offering extremely attractive deals. From year-to-year, this trend is becoming more and more mainstream. And as our analysis shows, this day has now become essential, especially for e-commerce.”

About Webtrekk:

Webtrekk is one of the leading premium Customer Analytics Platforms in Europe. Webtrekk enables companies to understand and analyze the behavior of their website and app users across devices and apply these insights to targeted marketing approaches. With its best-of-breed approach, the independent tech company offers well-founded analytics expertise, and its tried and tested first-party data offering helps customers achieve maximum data depth. Webtrekk guarantees the highest data protection standards and is TUEV-certified. Data is stored on servers in the European Union. Founded by Christian Sauer and Norman Wahnschaff in 2004, Webtrekk now has over 140 employees. The head office is based in Berlin with branches in Italy and Spain. More than 400 customers rely on Webtrekk, including FlixBus and MyToys. Learn more at www.webtrekk.com.

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