Berlin, April 9, 2019 – Webtrekk, one of Europe’s leading premium customer analytics platforms, today announces the launch of Webtrekk Data Streams. The new Webtrekk technology enables the collection, processing and streaming of data in real time and thereby represents an integral component of an agile business intelligence architecture. Webtrekk Data Streams provides the infrastructure necessary to consolidate company-wide data processing operations in one central application and to bring them together in real time. This real-time innovation facilitates the breaking down of data silos and the provision of a “Single Source of Truth” to all stakeholders. At the same time, the business intelligence analyst can completely redefine his or her role in the company and distribute information in real time as required. Webtrekk Data Streams is aimed at digital pioneers as well as companies seeking to manage digital transformation processes in a data-driven manner.

The implementation of data-driven decision-making is a declared goal for many companies. Now, thanks to Webtrekk Data Streams, batch processing, i.e. the intermittent export of data at daily or hourly intervals, is a thing of the past. The Webtrekk technology provides the ability to successfully manage digital business models through a constant, consolidated stream of data. The innovation can provide raw data in real time for genuine in-house business intelligence.

Readily scalable streaming infrastructure
Webtrekk Data Streams provides several benefits: since data is constantly processed, no large amounts of data accumulate. As a result, less computational capacity is required. In cases where large data volumes are generated in a short period of time, the streaming infrastructure can be easily scaled up. In contrast to conventional data processing operations, the immediate, short-term value of the data can be utilized in addition to its medium and long-term value.

Even with real-time streaming, companies need not do without the data enrichment they are accustomed to with Webtrekk. The collected data can therefore also be supplemented with information such as geolocation, device recognition or cross-device tracking.

Data democracy thanks to central basis of data
With Webtrekk Data Streams, all decisions can be made throughout the organization using the same data. The data is provided in the required format for different business cases, ensuring the provision of a shared information base for all authorized users, while simultaneously preserving consistently high data quality for all user groups.

The Webtrekk innovation consolidates all sources of data, whereby the stream is prefiltered and, if necessary, can be adapted to accommodate individual requirements through further operations. For example, while the company-wide data warehouse is populated with an unfiltered stream of all available data, the marketing department only receives campaign and sales data. For the time being, all data from websites and apps is collected centrally. Additional data sources (CRM, ERP, product data, marketing channels) can also be easily added.

Customized data utilization through data governance
Data governance requirements, which often present a challenge in larger companies and corporations, can be solved intelligently with the help of Webtrekk Data Streams. For instance, only the data relevant to certain user groups, such as external stakeholders, can be made available – sensitive information, on the other hand, is removed in advance. Financial or personal data can hence be made available only to authorized users.

Another interesting use case arises for business intelligence analysts. The frequently do not have complete access to all available data due to data protection considerations. Webtrekk Data Streams solves this challenge by providing the data required for machine learning or AI applications as a tailor-made stream that does not contain any critical data.

Business intelligence analysts redefine themselves
The Webtrekk innovation can be used for all conceivable applications in which real-time data is required. The potential use cases range from customer experience personalization to the live calculation of data science models.

This capability will allow business intelligence analysts in companies to cater to the needs of the most diverse stakeholders and application scenarios. Analysts are thus in a position to take up subject-specific questions from other departments at any time and respond in real time in the form of structured data. The specialist departments in turn benefit from their own expertise in analyzing such information in their own way and recognizing specific interrelationships through their specialist know-how.

Among the first companies that implemented Data Streams is Germany’s Postbank. More than 9 million Postbank customers already use online banking, which makes one of the most visited pages in German financial services. Oliver Remmel, Head of Digital Intelligence in Postbank’s Chief Digital Office, explains: “We have been testing Webtrekk Data Streams for some time now. The experience we have gained in the real-time monitoring of our websites is very promising. The management and dissemination of streaming information is very simple. We can very well imagine further expanding our cooperation in this area.”

Christian Sauer, founder of Webtrekk, comments: “Be it to support established companies in their digital transformation or as a valid working basis for digital pioneers – with Webtrekk Data Streams we have developed a technology that breaks down data silos and enables data-driven, transparent action. Real-time data streaming enables companies to respond immediately and inter-departmentally to customer needs and market trends, giving them a significant competitive advantage.”

On the technical side, Webtrekk Data Streams is based on Apache Foundation’s open source Kafka software and supports the innovation-friendly and data type-safe formats JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and Apache Avro. The real-time innovation can be easily embedded into existing business intelligence architecture. 

Webtrekk has also published a Whitepaper on the concept of data streaming and its underlying technology.

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Webtrekk is one of the market leading premium Customer Analytics Platforms in Europe. The company offers a customer intelligence platform that allows companies to connect, analyze and activate user and marketing data across all devices. With its best-of-breed approach, the independent tech company offers well-founded analytics expertise that provides first-party data to help customers reach maximum data depth. Webtrekk guarantees the highest data protection standards and is TÜV-certified. The data is stored on servers in the European Union. Founded by Christian Sauer and Norman Wahnschaff in 2004, Webtrekk currently has over 130 employees. With its headquarters in Berlin, it has further subsidiaries in Italy and Spain. Notable Webtrekk customers include FlixBus and MyToys. Learn more at

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