02 July

Data Streams Webinar

This is the beginning of your Data Hero career. Jump on this newest trend in data processing and join our free Webinar on 10 July, 11 am.
17 June

Mapp Roadshow in Berlin

No sessions, no presentations, no sales pitch – only good drinks and exclusive networking. Mapp's Rebel Roadshow is coming to Berlin! Read the full press release (in German) here!
11 June

Raw Data Streaming in Real-time

Webtrekk, one of the leading intelligence platforms, is hosting a webinar on raw data streaming in real-time on 26 June, aligned with its newest Whitepaper. Read the full press release here (in German).
05 June

Mapp Completes the Acquisition of Webtrekk

Mapp today announced the completion of the acquisition of Webtrekk. The company is now fully a Mapp company – while simultaneously remaining a stand-alone solution. Read the full press release here.
24 April


Webtrekk's DATA LOVER SUMMIT brings together leading data-driven marketing and analytics companies for a unique event in Berlin. Read the full press release (in German) here.