In the digital landscape, media producers, news publishers, and publishing houses face a world of new challenges towards increased paid subscriptions and revenue, such as:

  • Increasing visitor numbers and visit duration to improve engagement with online offers
  • Establishing and building personalized offers across a variety of devices
  • Monetizing readership via relevant ads and paid content
  • Accurately measuring traffic despite the increased use of ad blockers

The key to success is speed. Your visitors expect to receive up-to-date, exciting information at all times. Webtrekk is your ideal partner to face this challenge. We offer you access to all the data from your digital activities in real-time.

Benefits to Publishers and Media Organizations

  • Homepage optimization with the help of individual article scores
  • Extremely granular, user-based segmentation options that can lead to personalized reading experiences
  • Understand reader interests and present them with personalized premium subscription recommendations
  • Appeal to and win back premium customers at risk of churning
  • Ensure excellent data collection despite tracking or ad blockers

When you understand your readers, you can show more relevant ads and premium content recommendations.

Benefits of Webtrekk

Readership Retention with Article Score

How can you measure and evaluate the success of your content? Traffic and rankings do not fully reflect reality. What’s the answer then? The solution is – assess key metrics according to your own criteria, such as: which content is most frequently shared, which categories have the lowest bounce rates, which have the highest retention time, etc.

With Article Score, you can summarize these KPIs with an individual article score and visualize these in concise dashboards to help optimize your landing pages. Gain invaluable know-how about what content your readers are interested in and then discover those hidden promotion opportunities.

Behavior-Based Segmentation

Create segments based on individual user behavior. Cluster your readers into groups – for example, business contacts, students, or those interested in culture – then display personalized content and ads accordingly. Prevent churn and take advantage of these opportunities by making unbeatable offers and prevent website abandonment.

Content Recommendations

Publishers and media companies cannot ignore onsite recommendations. With Webtrekk, you can use insights to promote trending topics such as articles, videos, or offers plus use enriched user profiles to suggest matching content.

Broaden suggested content by considering content in other categories that could be of interest to audiences reading similar or even opposite content. Then, you can derive category relationships based on article views and article click data. For example, a segment could be defined as “customers who read article abc articles also read xyz articles.”

Analyze Traffic in Real-Time

Is real-time information essential to your business? With Webtrekk Live Analytics, you get real-time insights with automatic updates within seconds. Optimize content as soon as it’s online and track the latest trends in a timely manner. Identify successful and unsuccessful promotions and campaigns, and discover valuable revenue streams.

Holistic Cross-Device Customer Journeys

Follow both anonymous users and known readers on your websites, in your apps and in front of and behind paywalls. Engage and follow every visitor across device boundaries. Benefit from our compliant data protection and cross-device data pool which anonymously associates the different devices of individual users.

Onsite Marketing for the Highest of Demands

Need to react to user activities in real-time? You can design layers for common behavioral patterns – whether you want to prevent visitors from leaving your site or convince indecisive visitors, you can automate what is displayed based on insights. For example, you can collect the e-mail addresses of your readers so that you can recommend by e-mail relevant premium content based on their reading interests.

Client References

Various publishing houses, newspapers, and online news sites trust Webtrekk nationally and internationally. Our customers include the ProSiebenSat1 Group and the Italian media companies RAI and Mediaset.

“Media tracking and web analytics allow us to analyze video content and our on-site data. We can tailor our offerings to the needs of our viewers to ensure they always receive the best user experience.”

Julia Pieper, Senior Project Manager IT, ProSiebenSat.1 

Frequently Asked Questions:

With Webtrekk, can I see in real-time what’s happening on our website?

Yes. Webtrekk provides you with your data in real-time. That enables you to instantly use data for your marketing activities. Various anomaly detection and AI-based, real-time predictions also give you the ability to quickly detect irregularities and personalize content in a customized way.

What possibilities are available to make data actionable and transparent?

For data visualization, you benefit from freely configurable and intuitive dashboards. With these dashboards, you can easily and effectively graphically display all your KPIs. Visualize trends and sparklines to keep less data-savvy stakeholders informed. Present live dashboards on a screen that’s visible from afar so your team can view website, apps, e-mails, and more developments in real-time.

What about data quality in Webtrekk?

Measuring traffic accurately is the basis of your offers as only with a statistical base can you provide marketers with valid information about actual visitor numbers and segments. With our Custom Track Domains, you can even collect your data within your own domain. This prevents disruption and measurement blur caused by ad or tracking blockers and ensures maximum data quality. Please note that Webtrekk captures a minimum of 98% of your total website traffic.