Webtrekk enables financial services and insurance providers to deliver personalized digital customer experiences while maintaining 100% data sovereignty. Webtrekk is trusted by around half of Europe’s 25 top financial institutions due to our excellent data quality and protection.

Benefit from valuable insights for active customer acquisition and retention while being enabled to maximize sales opportunities. We make it easy to utilize raw data and integrate online and offline activities. Based on your visitors’ specific interests and objectives, we help you to present the most relevant offers to diverse visitor groups—across all channels and on every device.

Advantages for financial service and insurance providers:

  • Benefit from the highest security standards and strict data protection regulations
  • Raw data export to Data Warehouses and BI Infrastructures in real-time and on request
  • Track and holistically guide users across a variety of devices and marketing channels
  • Quickly and comprehensively analyze and serve anonymous contacts
  • Integrate online data for targeted, offline communication
  • Enrich data from your CRM database to optimize customer contact

Benefit from Webtrekk

Export Raw Data in Real-Time

Benefit from our many years of experience of exporting raw data to third-party systems. We enable you to export your web and app data to your in-house data warehouse and business intelligence systems at any time. On request, even continuous real-time exports as a consolidated Data Stream are supported.

There are no restrictions in terms of data formats. All information in your systems can be freely combined. At the same time, you retain complete access to all your raw data: your data belongs to you only.

Continuous App Optimization

Maximize your apps by tracking app usage, conducting detailed analysis then design automated marketing campaigns across all devices. You can also deliver target-group-optimized content with our onsite marketing capabilities. You benefit from product recommendations, onsite personalization, exit intent overlays and remarketing logic that meet the highest of standards.

An additional possibility is choosing to expand your campaigns to include e-mails, push messages, and other common marketing channels.

Segment Manager for User-Specific Information

Do you require a holistic view of your website visitors? No problem! You can capture user-specific information in our Segment Manager. This tool allows you to track known visitors such as repeat buyers or customers who login as well as unknown and new contacts. That gives you the unique opportunity to initiate targeted marketing efforts at any time and in complete compliance with data protection regulations.

Integrate Online and Offline

Convert your online forms and modules into marketing and lead generation tools. Measure interest in your insurance or financial products, services and special offers. Identify which customer segments are interested in specific offers. Plus, discover location-specific trends to offer customized services via offline channels.

Consulting for Data-Driven Know-How

Successful financial service and insurance providers collect data and leverage it to their advantage. When you need support, our Business Consulting Team is always available to assist you. We have many years of experience in the development and implementation of data-driven solutions across all devices and channels.

Our services range from data acquisition and onsite optimization to numerous streaming options to enrich the data held within other systems and marketing channels. We have assisted numerous banks and insurance companies to expand and refine their business models.

100% Data Protection and GDPR Compliance

All Webtrekk servers are located within the EU and are ISO certified. We comply with the EU Data Protection Act and have the “Certified Data Protection” certification. Therefore, we meet all the requirements of the GDPR.

Customer References

Around half of the 25 largest European financial institutions have been trusting Webtrekk for years.

“Implementing Webtrekk was incredibly easy. Not only was Webtrekk’s support during the process fantastic, but it was also impressive to be able to merge analytics data with other databases. Our CRM department is excited about all the opportunities that are available to us now”. 

Diego Martín Ruiz Mechanik, Digital Analysis, Banco Santander

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Webtrekk GDPR compliant?

Yes, absolutely, data protection is essential to us. Data sovereignty always lies with you, the customer. We are also ISO and TÜV certified and have been awarded the ePrivacy seal. All of our servers are located within the EU.

In the banking industry we deal with critical data – how will you protect our data?

Webtrekk meets the strictest data protection requirements. Our numerous customers from the insurance and financial industry regularly subject us to demanding audits and there was never a security failure.

We are a large company and work with sensitive data – does Webtrekk offer User Management?

From trainee to CEO, specific rules and access rights can be defined for each user group. Define every single metric that should be visible and have the ability to remove access when an individual leaves your organization. Human uncertainties in user administration are a thing of the past.

Where are Webtrekk’s servers and support centers located?

Our servers and our support are located in Germany. We have a complete team in Berlin who exclusively take care of supporting and advising customers. At the same time, we also support customers locally. We have a Business Consulting and a Training Team who are happy to train you at your location and are available for workshops. In addition to Germany, Webtrekk has offices in the USA, Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, and the Philippines.

How can I identify customers across devices and channels?

Webtrekk makes it easy to capture user movements across multiple devices and marketing channels. Here you benefit from our Cross-Device Bridge, which combines the different devices of a person, even if this person does not log in. You also have the option of synchronizing each individual visitor with your CRM system in real time. This enables you to address your contacts with highly personalized content—onsite, via e-mail or in a comparable marketing channel.

How can new visitors and inactive customers be identified and addressed?

Our onsite and cross-channel marketing solutions help you identify new contacts and inactive customers. With the help of Audience Stream, you can even use your customer segments for remarketing initiatives on third-party sites. Our segment Manager excels at identifying unknown website visitors. Additionally, you use the available analysis data to segment your customer lists and display customized pop-up offers. Through target-group-specific offers, you can prevent contacts from churning.