Without question, Google, Apple, Facebook und Amazon (GAFA) dominate the global e-commerce market. But there are strategies and techniques to compete with these giants; to compete, a data-driven e-commerce strategy is a must. A data-driven strategy acts as a sustainable sales engine – capture your visitor and customer behavior across all devices to analyze the complete customer journey.

Generate insights from aggregated customer profiles and group them into smart segments then run website personalization and cross-channel marketing campaigns straight from this database.

The advantages for e-commerce companies:

  • Cross-device customer journeys—thanks to our Cross-Device Bridge track people without the need for a login
  • More efficient online marketing through intelligent attribution and long-term customer retention (Customer Lifetime Value)
  • Predicting customer behavior with Webtrekk’s User Predictions
  • Individual user experience for each visitor via content personalization, product recommendations plus overlay and exit-intent campaigns
  • Data-driven, cross-channel marketing via e-mail, SMS and mobile push with Mapp Engage
  • Live dashboards with data from all digital channels, including web, app, and TV

Benefit from Webtrekk

Single Customer View – Gather Customer Data Holistically

Combine information from different data sources to get a holistic picture of your customers and visitors. For cross-device user analysis, you can use the Webtrekk Cross-Device Bridge to link data from your websites, marketing apps, or email marketing. This enables you to identify individual users without requiring a login and despite anonymous cross-device activity. Use this wealth of data to create intelligent segments which then form the basis for your personalized marketing efforts.

Customer Lifetime Value for Sustainable Marketing

Determine the revenue that your customers generate during their entire time with you as a customer. Include customer acquisition costs in your data in order to align your marketing successfully and sustainably. Also, consider returns and discounts in your forecasting models.

Discover how your contacts move within the Customer Journey – from the first visit to their e-mail subscription to their first order all the way to repeat purchases. Identify and activate high quality customers and reduce churn risk factors.

Product Recommendations for Tailor-Made Purchasing Tips

Would you like to provide customers and prospects with relevant product suggestions on websites, in apps and via e-mail? You can by using click and purchase behavior as well as the history of each individual user as the basis for your tailor-made product recommendations.

At the same time, you can also utilize enriched user profiles and search queries for targeted product recommendations. For successful cross-channel campaigns, you can also segment your purchase recommendations based on location or device information. Offer automated recommendations across the customer lifecycle and to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

More Conversions via Realtime Predictions

With Webtrekk Realtime Predictions you directly join the sales process with the visitor. Using conversion probabilities, you are able to plan in advance which marketing actions can have a positive influence on buying behavior. That enables you to show targeted messages, such as discount banners, as soon as predefined threshold values are reached, or certain trends occur. The most diverse attributes can be taken into account at the level of each individual user, such as the duration of the visit, the number of page views, the value of the products viewed, and also click speed or user history.

Data-Driven Cross-Channel Marketing with Mapp Engage

Webtrekk is part of the Mapp Marketing Cloud. This means you can do more than only leverage your data to better understand your customers – catapult your marketing success by using user attributes and smart segments to launch personalized cross-channel campaigns in Mapp Engage via email, SMS or mobile push.

Customer References

In Germany alone, seven of the top e-commerce companies trust Webtrekk. In total, our customers generate an e-commerce turnover in the tens of billions of euros.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does Webtrekk offer an e-commerce company that no other provider can?

The combination of analytics and marketing functions is unique in this form. No other provider can analyze data at such a high level and seamlessly translate the resulting insights into marketing initiatives. Plus, with us, you have the possibility to freely configure all metrics, advertising media, and campaigns according to your individual requirements. You do not have to rely on standard key figures but can record everything required for data-driven measures on the basis of 100% raw data. At the same time, you can profitably activate your data.

Which contact points of a Customer Journey can Webtrekk map?

Basically, you can define and capture as many contact points as you like. From the origin of your organic traffic to use our granular campaign analysis. Analyze entry sources online and offline through location and TV Analytics and do so across all user devices. Plus, you get to define your own touchpoints – our experienced consultants will be happy to assist you if required.

Can Webtrekk also measure TV traffic?

Webtrekk enables you to integrate TV advertising holistically into your customer journey as an additional point of contact. In Webtrekk Analytics, TV contacts are displayed as a separate campaign. You receive valuable insights, such as costs per visit, cost per conversion, and the order value of converting visitors.

Purchase decisions are made very quickly on e-commerce websites, can Webtrekk’s data speed keep up?

We make your data available to you in real-time which is ideal for immediate use and activation. Your Business Intelligence Team also benefits from the raw data in real-time – you can stream the data into your data warehouse immediately once it’s captured.

What about data quality at Webtrekk?

Webtrekk uses your own domain for data collection and is therefore much less affected by ad blocker restrictions than conventional solutions. We are currently in a position to accurately capture 98% of all website traffic and simultaneously make this data available for marketing activities.