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App Analytics From Webtrekk

Webtrekk App Analytics lets you create a cross-device view of how your customers engage and convert. Here are five features you should know about.


Pixel v5: 4 Reasons to Upgrade

Once you upgrade to the new v5 of the Webtrekk Pixel, you will never have to touch your pixel script again. We promise. Read on for more reasons why now is the time to upgrade!


Release Summary

A trio of upgrades just went live in the Webtrekk Suite. Here are a few of the improvements you can start using today.


Catalog View Tracking

Measure how visitors interact with rolling products catalogs, and determine the best ways to create engagement with your products. By Stefan Piaskowski, Product Manager – Analytics – Data Processing


Release Summary

A look at some of the features that just went live in the Webtrekk Suite, including new triggers from automated marketing, iOS SDK improvements and more.


Jupiter Release

Five new features you can use today in the Webtrekk Suite.


7 Ways To Leverage Webtrekk Video Analytics

A look at how you can save time and generate revenue with Webtrekk video analytics.


Improve Your Facebook Retargeting with Webtrekk

This post looks at how you can use Webtrekk data to enrich your Facebook retargeting campaigns.


A New Way to Build Analyses and Reports

A few small changes in Webtrekk Analytics will make a big difference in how you build analyses and reports. Make your data more flexible and easier to consume, and cut down the amount of time and energy it takes to generate actionable insights.


Webtrekk Analytics: Feature Roundup

Have you checked out the new Webtrekk Analytics? If not, let's look at some of the features that will change how you do data.


Mars Release

Deep link attribution and flexible recommendations are among the features launching with the Mars Release.


Analytics for Apps: Cohort Analysis

A post looking at how Webtrekk's app-based Cohort Analysis gives you rich, easy-to-understand data about your mobile engagement. By Senior Product Manager Ole Bahlmann


Webtrekk DMP: FAQ

Everything you need to know about Webtrekk's real-time data management platform.


Terra Release

The Digital Intelligence Suite is more flexible and user-friendly following this week’s Terra Release, which includes upgrades to plugins, mobile tracking, search remarketing and reporting. Let’s look at what that means for you and your team.


Dynamic Box: Rethinking what you can do with dashboards

As any web analyst will tell you, effective visualisation isn’t just about choosing between sparklines, pie charts and bar graphs. And that’s why we created the Dynamic Box – an entirely new way for you to create memorable, impactful dashboards. By Webtrekk Product Manager Analytics David Linder


Goodbye, Pixel v3!

Why our new tracking pixel is our best ever, and how you can upgrade today (note: it's easy).


Digital Intelligence Suite – Venus Release

New features launching as part of the Digital Intelligence Suite Venus Release simplify your user-centric analytics and automated marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the upgrades that will make your digital marketing easier and more effective. Read more »


Digital Intelligence Suite – Mercury Release

It has been a big year for the Digital Intelligence Suite – and it’s getting bigger. With the Mercury Release, we are introducing huge upgrades to dashboards, performance and user experience. Let’s go over some of the key improvements and what they mean for the Suite. Read more »


How To: User Relationship Management

User Relationship Management (URM) is a core component of the Webtrekk Digital Intelligence Suite. This How To guide provides some examples that will illustrate how you can use URM to optimise your website, your apps and your marketing spend.


User-Centric Tracking: Put Your Users at the Centre (German)

Mobile devices have shattered traditional tracking methods. People visit your site on their phones in the morning, they check their PCs at work, and they take another glance at home on a tablet. Good luck getting meaningful data out of that with cookies.

There is a solution, however: User-Centric Tracking. Check out what UCT can do for you in this paper. (Length: 700 words; 3.5 minutes)


Insights through Webtrekk's Path Analysis

Although the goal is to be a highway to conversion, websites are more like a network of streets. Many roads lead to Rome, and the exact sequence of page impressions en route to conversion can vary wildly.

That is why we use path analysis. The world of a website visitor is basically a world of paths – sequences of distinct actions. Virtually every element of the visitor experience is part of a path, from page impressions to clicks, search phrases to campaign contacts. (800 words; 4 minutes)


Sequence Filter: Go beyond path analysis

Webtrekk's sequence filter makes it possible to analyse a visitor’s path, and to use this path as a foundation for subsequent investigations and metrics. Put another way: Not only can you see what your visitors experienced, you can also cluster them according to their experiences. (900 words; 4.5 minutes)