Dashboards by Webtrekk

Tell the story behind the numbers.

Free your data from spreadsheets and silos, and merge it into beautiful, easy to understand dashboards. Embed content, redesign with simple drag-and-drop and drill into your data on the fly.


Integrate data sources

Don’t let your data get lonely. Bring it all together in one place.

Feed web and app data directly into your dashboard, but don’t stop there. Blend social engagement info with conversion numbers to get a complete picture of how your visitors interact on all your channels.

Inventory numbers, ad spend, CRM data – all of it can be incorporated into your dashboards. Explore the data that matters most, and discover the answers to your company’s biggest questions.

Bring your data to life

Translate numbers into insights. Reduce complexity and arm yourself with business insights that everyone will understand.

Inspire insights across your organization by making sure every department is working with the same data and seeing the same developments.

You can also make your dashboards an interactive experience. It’s simple to embed videos, images and slide decks, and to include details like corporate identity and links to other dashboards.

Beautiful dashboards – no headaches

Data is complex enough. Your dashboards don’t need to be. That’s why we included a series of features to simplify your dashboards.

  • Arrange elements with a simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Resize graphs, charts and images by dragging the corner until it looks just right
  • Embed multimedia elements and HTML code to make your dashboards pop
  • Drill down into your data inside the dashboard, and add analyses to preexisting dashboards with a click


If you want a hand building your dashboards, no problem.

We can work with you from concept to creation to make sure your dashboards say exactly what you want. Tell us the insights you want your dashboard to deliver, and we we’ll do the heavy lifting.

And if you want to build upon that foundation, no problem. You can filter your entire dashboard or drill into individual analyses within a dashboard. Follow the data wherever it takes you.