Cross Device Bridge

A cooperative pool of cross-device data.

Identify more of your users' devices and create a unified customer journey.


Understand your users' devices

Enrich your data by connecting to the Cross Device Bridge, a cooperative pool of shared device data.

The Cross Device Bridge utilizes anonymized email addresses and cookies to merge data from various sources and lets you fill in your device blind spots.

The Cross Device Bridge is currently only available for Webtrekk clients.  


Cross-device tracking: your benefits

The Cross Device Bridge will change your cross-device interactions no matter how your customers and visitors engage with you.

  • An 30% improvement in user recognition
  • Average match rate of 1.3 devices per user
  • Better budget allocation in online marketing
  • Optimized CPO thanks to synchronized marketing campaigns
  • Enhanced customer journey analysis
  • Evaluation of multi-channel attributions based on real users

How it works

Suppose Customer X has visited both Company A and Company B on both his mobile and desktop device.

If Company A is aware of Customer X’s desktop and mobile usage, but Company B only has data pertaining to the customer’s mobile behavior, then the sharing of this data will allow Company B to match Customer X’s desktop device with his mobile one.


Data privacy and GDPR

The Webtrekk Cross Device Bridge is 100% compliant with all German and European data privacy laws.

  • The Cross Device Bridge has been certified by ePrivacy, which oversees the implementation of European privacy laws, including the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).
  • Total anonymization of email addresses around which device data is stored.
  • Transparent and simple opt-out function lets users choose not to be tracked with the Cross Device Bridge.

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