Audience Stream by Webtrekk

Engage your customers wherever they are.

Create customized remarketing campaigns with your own web, app and CRM data. Build high-impact segments and control exactly what data you share with your remarketing channels.


Better data, easier segments

Webtrekk Audience Stream utilizes advanced user-centric analytics, which merges your customer data across multiple devices. Blend those cross-device profiles with data from your CRM, email and ERP tools to create a complete picture of your customers.

This integrated data means you can build segments for all of your remarketing channels from a single platform.

Manage your data and your segments across the entire web via integrations with Facebook, AdWords, DoubleClick, Criteo and more.

Data ownership and privacy

When you incorporate tracking from remarketing platforms into your website and app, you are giving those platforms priceless data about your customers. Who they are, what they like, what they intend do purchase.

Webtrekk Audience Stream lets you build impactful remarketing segments while keeping total control over of your company’s most valuable asset – data.

Doing remarketing without implementing third-party tracking also shows your customers you care about their privacy. You are simply passing pseudonymized data via an iframe, giving your customers total privacy.

Optimized bids for your ads

Building campaigns with Audience Stream gives you the flexibility you need to optimize your bids. Identify your most valuable customer segments and adjust your bids accordingly.

  • Prioritize first-time shoppers and in-store visitors
  • Target customers who open your newsletters
  • Use purchase history data to avoid targeting frequent shoppers

Predictive analytics for segments

Use Webtrekk’s prediction engine to create future-proof audiences.

Conversion probability: Identify shoppers with a high likelihood of converting
Churn probability: Find customers on the verge of churning and keep them engaged
Next order value: Know whose next purchase is going to be a big one
Customer lifetime value: Target customers who will be most valuable over the next 12 months