App Analytics by Webtrekk

Be there when the journey turns mobile.


Make your app stickier and your data richer with Webtrekk App Analytics. Create a unified, cross-device picture of your users, and determine the triggers that generate the most engagement.


Combine web and app data

Webtrekk iOS and Android SDKs let you merge your web and app data to create a complete, real-world view of your customers.

Determine which segments or user groups from your website are using your app, and understand the path to installation.

  • What kind of customers are they?
  • How many desktop touchpoints before installation?
  • What happened to their engagement after the download?

Collect, dissect, learn and optimize – all inside the same tool.

Simple to install and update

The iOS and Android SDKs are easy to install, configure and launch.

Integration requires only a few lines of code, so no complex setup required.

Webtrekk SDKs also enable pain-free updates of your tracking. You can easily reconfigure your tracking setup without re-uploading your app to the app store, or forcing your users to get a new version.

Cross-device journey and purchase tracking

Remove device blind spots and identify the behaviors that drive engagement, retention and conversion, even when those behaviors happen on multiple devices.

Webtrekk App Analytics utilizes advanced user-centric tracking that ties multiple devices to a single user.

Do people make purchases on their laptop and then launch the app for booking details or shipping info? Do push notifications inspire purchases the next day on a different device?

Automated marketing with your app

Three quick ideas for activating your app data with Webtrekk:

  1. Send mobile push notifications based on desktop behavior, or activate onsite layers based on app usage.
  2. Remind people about the abandoned basket that they created on a different device.
  3. Run onsite retention campaigns that leverage granular data about what users do on your app.