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Mapp to Acquire Webtrekk

Christian Sauer and Michael Diestelberg give insights on the strategic match and joint plans of both companies.

Webtrekk and Apple's ITP 2.1

Michael Diestelberg gives insights on the tracking changes that come with Apple's ITP 2.1 and what it means for Webtrekk customers.

Taking New Directions: 7 eCommerce KPIs for Long-Term User Development

Markus Nagel explains seven KPIs that show companies new ways they can go about eCommerce reporting.

Customer Analytics: 5 Valuable Resolutions for 2019

The beginning of the new year is traditionally the time for new resolutions. Michael Diestelberg, VP Product & Marketing at Webtrekk, wants you to think about marketing resolutions too. 

Build Your Own Walled Garden

Christian Sauer, Founder and Board Member of Webtrekk, explains how to create an alternate ecosystem with an exclusive data-pool.

Google Ads Parallel Tracking & Webtrekk

As of October 2018, Parallel Tracking is no longer optional in Google Ads accounts and is there by default. We take a look at what Google Parallel Tracking is and what it means for Webtrekk users.

What to look for when choosing an Enterprise Data Hub

Webtrekk explains which aspects you should consider in order to make the right decision.

What you should know regarding the new Firefox tracking update

Webtrekk presents methods to ensure First Party Tracking won't be affected by the new browser restictrestr

User-Centric Analytics

Webtrekk is taking a look at four basic scenarios in which user-centric analytics helps to create ideal conditions for identifying and understanding unused marketing potential. 

Centralized Logins

Are there new systems growing on the European market? 

Everything You Need to Know About Predictions 

A guide by a Webtrekk data expert. 

DMEXCO- The Webtrekk Recap

The webtrekk team looks back on this years' hot topics at DMEXCO.

Introducing Data Quality Score

How Webtrekk supports its customers to improve data quality.

Industry Interviews on the new GDPR

Videos from industry experts Jana Moser, Mischa Rürup, Christian Sauer and more.

5 Reasons to Attend Webtrekk LIVE

Webtrekk LIVE is visiting Hamburg, Munich and Düsseldorf in June 2018.

GDPR: No need for an opt-in using Webtrekk Analytics

Why a visitor opt-in won't be necessary when you use our analytics solution.

Infographic: The CDB at a Glance

This infographic gives you a comprehensive overview of our latest solution the Cross Device Bridge.

How Data Ownership Helps You Succeed in Digital Marketing

Read to find out how owning your data can optimize your online marketing spend.

Infographic: Your GDPR Guideline

This infographic guides you through the most important steps on your way to compliance with the GDPR.

2018 Data Analytics Trends: Webtrekk's Picks

Webtrekk's experts take a look at what's likely to happen in Data Analytics this year.

3 Reasons Why The GDPR Ain't That Bad

The new Regulation has its benefits, and here are our top 3.

Should German Companies Be Worried About The GDPR?

The GDPR is necessary, but should not be feared — especially in Germany. Let's break it down. 

Webtrekk is GDPR Ready After Being Awarded Seal of Approval on Data Protection from ePrivacy

Webtrekk is 100% GDPR ready after being officially approved by ePrivacy with their ePrivacyseal! 

Best Practices in Becoming a Data-Driven Product Manager

A guide to implementing the three best practices into your working day. 

Webtrekk Featured in Forrester Web Analytics Report 

We have been named one of the most significant web analytics providers. 

GDPR in 16 Steps

Are you a marketer or product manager worried about GDPR? Here's what you really need to know. 

GDPR: Frequently Asked Questions

Our Data Protection Officer answers Frequently Asked Questions about GDPR. What surprises are coming? How will GDPR affect your business?

4 Reasons to Get on Board With Cross-Device Tracking

It's now essential to track user activity across all devices. Here's four reasons to get on board with cross-device tracking. 

7 Predictions for the Analytics Market

From emerging must-haves to a new generation of integrations, let's take a look at seven ways the analytics market is going to change.


6 GDPR passages that analysts and marketers should know

Let's look at some actual GDPR text to see exactly what is (and isn't) about to change.


Behind the Buzzwords: Entering the analytics labyrinth

Traditional web analytics is a thing of the past – an ill-fated term that everyone’s trying to avoid by using cooler-sounding derivatives like customer analytics and predictive analytics. All of these definitions have two goals in common for the analytics market: understanding the business, and understanding its (internal or external) customers.


3 Reasons for Predictive Analytics

Remarketing is about targeting a highly-engaged audience that is more likely to convert. Let us take a look at the advantages remarketing provides in the hyper-connected world.


Forrester names Webtrekk among 10 most significant digital intelligence players

Webtrekk was among the analytics and digital marketing providers highlighted in The Forrester Wave™: Digital Intelligence Platforms, Q2 2017.


5 Reasons for Remarketing

Remarketing is about targeting a highly-engaged audience that is more likely to convert. Let us take a look at the advantages remarketing provides in the hyper-connected world.


First-Party v Third-Party Data

The difference between first-party data and its cousin, third-party data, isn’t always clear. Let’s look at why the future of online marketing will rely on first-party data.


5 reasons track domains will transform your data

As blockers and extension complicate analytics, we created a way guarantee data quality and still comply with data privacy regulations: custom track domains.


Is the Third-Party Internet Dying?

This post from Webtrekk CEO Christian Sauer takes a look at three reasons that third-party data is past its prime.


What is Customer Success

Both the customer’s success and the service provider’s success should be considered when defining and setting up a customer success program. Here's how that looks.


What is Product2Revenue - Marketing2Reveue

Let's look into the organizational structure of an SaaS vendor to see which departments are responsible for the different phases of the customer buying cycle.


What are Customer Success KPIs

We want to drive value, for customers and for the service provider. Do not waste time on bad metrics. A bad metric is like bad sushi. You will pay for it later. 


Customer Success With Solution

Your customers’ success has big implication on your success. Let's take a look at how to measure their success, and what it means for yours.


KPIs - Churn Rate

A quick look at what churn rate really means and how your company can measure in a way that helps drive business goals.


Customer Success Driving Principles

This post takes a look at how having concrete measures for customer success can help sharpen your company's approach to achieving business goals.


A Brief History of Tag

A quick overview of modern tag management systems, and how Webtrekk Tag Integration was born.


5 Synonyms for Digital (Holiday) Optimization

As with any digital business, surely you would like to get more registrations, more sales, more valuable tickets, more returning customers. You would like to optimize. How to do it? Here are five ideas.


2016 Report: Enterprise Digital Analytics Platforms

Webtrekk is once again featured in Marketing Land's annual report, Enterprise Digital Analytics Platforms: A Marketer's Guide. Details and download info inside.


8 Ways to Bring Christmas to Your Online Shop

Online shops have more to gain from Christmas than anyone (except perhaps 6-year-olds). Here are 8 ways that you can make sure your shop is ready for Christmas and beyond.


The Digital Transformation of Companies

This article shows the several stages of digitalisation – including how digital and analogue companies differ – and explains the impact on customer experience possibilities.


Improve Your Facebook Retargeting with Webtrekk

This post looks at how you can use Webtrekk data to enrich your Facebook retargeting campaigns.


Pokémon Go and Geolocation Marketing

What Pokémon Go can teach us about using location data to optimise marketing campaigns.


Mars Release

Deep link attribution and flexible recommendations are among the features launching with the Mars Release.


Analytics for Apps: Cohort Analysis

A post looking at how Webtrekk's app-based Cohort Analysis gives you rich, easy-to-understand data about your mobile engagement.


Search Remarketing

This post looks at how to leverage your data and execute effective search remarketing. Turn your users' online searches into a reactivation channel.


Terra Release

The Digital Intelligence Suite is more flexible and user-friendly following this week’s Terra Release, which includes upgrades to plugins, mobile tracking, search remarketing and reporting. Let’s look at what that means for you and your team.


Dev Blog: Release Trains

Many companies treat a new software release the same way a young child treats Christmas: A rare event, packed with equal parts excitement and angst: How good have we been? Webtrekk decided to ditch these massive releases in favour of continuous deployment. This way, we can bring our users better features and quicker upgrades, and bring ourselves a little slice of Christmas all year long.


Dynamic Box: Rethinking what you can do with dashboards

As any web analyst will tell you, effective visualisation isn’t just about choosing between sparklines, pie charts and bar graphs. And that’s why we created the Dynamic Box – an entirely new way for you to create memorable, impactful dashboards.


Goodbye, Pixel v3!

Why our new tracking pixel is our best ever, and how you can upgrade today (note: it's easy).


Data Leakage: How many days until your data is someone else's?

Third-party advertising tools, or adtech, help companies leverage their data. But we discovered that these tools are using that data to help other companies. This post explains how data leakage works, and what you can do about it.


Dev Blog: The Birth of a Feature

From concept to product, a look at how customer pain points turn into Webtrekk solutions.


Digital Intelligence Suite Venus Release

New features launching as part of the Digital Intelligence Suite Venus Release simplify your user-centric analytics and automated marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the upgrades that will make your digital marketing easier and more effective.


"It's not you, it's me" – 3 Customer Experience Tips

Three tips for building customer loyalty in the age of brand promiscuity.


Digital Intelligence Suite Mercury Release

It has been a big year for the Digital Intelligence Suite – and it’s getting bigger. With the Mercury Release, we are introducing huge upgrades to dashboards, performance and user experience. Let’s go over some of the key improvements and what they mean for the Suite.


Safe Harbour: Is Your Data Being Processed Outside Europe?

The Safe Harbour decision does not affect Webtrekk. Does it impact you?


Making Analytics Data Actionable: It's the customer, stupid!

You’re in business largely because of a fraction of your customer base: your best customers. But who are they? And what to tell them when and where? The best way to figure out is RFM: Recency, Frequency and Monetary value.


Shedding Light on Dark Social

Sharing is oxygen for today’s publishers. Unfortunately, sharing is also a headache for publishers – at least when it’s dark. Here's how we are helping our clients navigate dark social.


Digitising the Non-Digital

Once upon a time, it made sense to distinguish between online and offline. That time has passed.


A Marketer's Guide to Enterprise Web Analytics

US-based Third Door Media recently released Enterprise Web Analytics Platforms 2015: A Marketer's Guide. The comprehensive report is designed to help marketers choose between the seemingly infinite number of analytics platforms available today. Webtrekk is mentioned among several other high-end providers – read on for more details.


4 Ways to Capitalise on the Podcast Boom

Podcasts are scalable and hugely popular, but they aren't great revenue generators. At least not yet. Let’s take a look at four things publishers should be doing to get the most out of their podcasts.


Dev Blog: Networking Event

Why we overhauled our network infrastructure, and what it means for users.


Marketing Automation: The End of the Marketing Analyst?

Automation is taking over digital marketing. But that doesn't mean humans – you know, those things that controlled marketing before algorithms came along – are suddenly irrelevant. This post explores the new ways that the human element will manifest in the digital age.


Use Your Users

More than ever, you work for your users. But they can work for you, too. Because as channels multiply, users are the glue that ties it all together.


The Dashboard Dilemma

Dashboards are curing yesterday’s headaches – and creating tomorrow’s. As they continue to multiply, recommendations about what to do next will be every bit as important as engaging design.



Marketing used to be a one-way street. Now it feels more like a Beijing traffic jam. To stay on course amid the chaos, modern marketing requires a user-centric database to store the data you generate from your touchpoints – all of them.


Using HbbTV for an Online Shop

The television will quickly move out of its niche among the devices and conquer the market.


Dev Blog: Determining Conversion Probability

There is, as you know, no crystal ball for determining conversion probability. Just piles of data, complex formulas and powerful tools. In this Dev Blog post, Markus Schaal, Webtrekk's Head of Data Science, gives a brief overview of how conversion probabilities work, and what they can do for you.


11 Tips for Tomorrow's CMO

While the Chief Marketing Officer is still firmly entrenched in the modern C-Suite, the position itself is evolving. Fast. As things becomes more digital, so, too, must the CMO. Let’s take a look at 11 tips that will enable the modern-day CMO to stay relevant in the rapidly evolving C-Suite.


If a Service is Free, You Are the Product

If you are using Google Analytics to optimise your website, Google is using your website to optimise someone else’s.


The Game Has Started. Let's Play.

For Europe, the biggest threat of the digital revolution is not confusing privacy policies. It’s not targeted advertising, or cookie tracking, or hidden opt-out buttons. For Europe, the biggest threat of the digital revolution is failing to embrace it before it’s too late.