67% reduction of ad impressions per signup

How Südkurier uses Webtrekk to boost subscriptions and slash advertising spend


Südkurier Medienhaus, a publisher based in Konstanz, Germany, utilized Webtrekk segments and layers to increase the efficiency of newsletter signup campaigns. Here’s how they did it.


As with most media outlets, Südkurier uses DoubleClick for Publishers, an advertising service from Google.

Südkurier was using DFP to encourage visitors to sign up for its newsletters – a vital channel for distributing content and generating engagement.

Using DFP, Südkurier placed ads for its Sports newsletter on pages featuring sports content, or placed ads for its Top-News newsletter for someone who clicked on a morning headline.

Where Webtrekk comes in

Südkurier could do all of that and more by using the Webtrekk Suite, which features fully integrated analytics and marketing automation solutions. 

First, Südkurier created segments that included rich analytics data:

(1) whether or not someone is already subscribed to a newsletter, and
(2) the exact content that a visitor has viewed in the past

Bottom line

By using Webtrekk to target and display newsletter signups, Südkurier saw a 67% drop in the number of ad impressions it took to generate a signup compared to DFP ads.

In addition to having a more successful way to generate newsletter subscriptions, Südkurier also avoided spending money on DFP ads that were simply not as effective as the layers generated with the Webtrekk Suite.

The only thing better than generating revenue is cutting costs at the same time.

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