Using Programmatic Advertising

to boost sales


50+ ad exchanges | 100% Webtrekk transparency

DefShop is an online fashion shop for streetwear and hip-hop clothing. One of DefShop's main marketing channels is display advertising – especially retargeting – designed to transform past customers into returning buyers. Here is how DefShop uses Webtrekk Real-Time Advertising to boost its retargeting.


Successful display advertising means minimising wasted views – and wasted money. In the old days, companies simply scattered advertisements all over the web, even if no one knew who was on the receiving end.


Now, though, DefShop has the power to know exactly who sees its ads. The shop also knows what these users have done in the past, as well as what they are likely to do in the future. This enables DefShop to be more surgical with its advertising.

How it works

In addition to dynamic onsite recommendations, DefShop uses the Webtrekk Digital Intelligence Suite to reach visitors via offsite retargeting.

Here’s how it works: DefShop users’ onsite behaviour and purchases are tracked with Webtrekk Analytics.

These users are then put into different segments in Webtrekk User Relationship Management. Big spenders, long-time shoppers, visitors who have not been to the site in a while and so on.

In addition, each user who visits receives a third-party cookie. This cookie helps Webtrekk identify the user when he or she pops up someplace else on the web.

Webtrekk Real-Time Advertising – which has connections to more than 50 ad exchanges – then places a bid on ad space that the user will see. This bid correspond to the user’s likely behaviour and next order value, which is calculated by URM.

Marketing Automation takes over by displaying a banner that is designed specifically for members of that user’s particular segment.

Because this process is executed start-to-finish by the Digital Intelligence Suite, DefShop can evaluate campaigns with unprecedented transparency: No giving data to a third party, no relying on external analytics, no uncertainty about how effective campaigns are. The tools to create, execute and evaluate RTA campaigns are all right there in the Digital Intelligence Suite.

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