Cross-Device Customer Journey

Connect Devices to Users – No Login Required


Customer journeys should always be tracked at the user level and should include all used devices. In most cases device matching requires a login, but Webtrekk's Cross-Device Bridge is an exception – it works anonymously without any user login. This means that the recognition rate is up to 30% higher than conventional solutions.

  • GDPR compliant cross-device data pool of European Companies
  • Anonymized identifiers enable the combining of different data sources
  • Transparent and simple opt-out feature for users

“Everyone is talking about Cross-Device Tracking. The Cross-Device Bridge enables you to merge and gather website, app, and marketing data easily and effectively. Companies benefit from meaningful insights for custom-made campaigns. User behavior can be anonymously brought together without the login hurdle.”

Michael Diestelberg, VP Product & Marketing, Webtrekk