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Anatomy of a Web Analyst

The purpose of the analyst’s job is to help the company become more profitable. Period.

This paper explains what CMOs, Heads of Online and other digitial decision-makers should look for in their analysts. (1,500 words, 6.5 minutes) By Webtrekk Head of Business Consulting Spencer Altman



The User Identity Concept

Using data to construct and understand user identities is the key to generating profit in our data-drenched world.

This paper looks at how marketers can do exactly that. (2,000 words, 8.5 minutes – in German) By Webtrekk Consulting Director Marcel Martschausky and Webtrekk Technical Consultant Sven Kliem


Change in Perspective: Understanding the User through Cross-Device Tracking

There is no escape from the term "cross-device". Cross-device tracking. Cross-device attribution. Cross-device marketing. Cross-device targeting (and retargeting).

This paper looks at what cross-device means for companies trying to capitalise, and why the challenges of cross-device are not simply technical. (2,500 words; 11 minutes) By Webtrekk Digital Analytics Consultant Markus Nagel


What Beer and American Football Can Teach Us About Online Advertising

In Europe, few would ever consider drinking Bud Light. Especially here in hefeweizen-soaked Germany, where watery, tasteless cans of Bud Light would likely cause an allergic reaction. And on the rare occasion that Bud Light is available in Europe, it often isn’t even called Bud Light.

An advertisement for Bud Light in Europe is an advertisement for a product that quite literally does not exist. Why, then, are there still Bud Light ads in Europe? (1,600 words; 7.5 minutes) By Webtrekk Content Manager David Vranicar


Does Brand Advertising Exist? Yes. But the goal is not branding.

We online marketers sometimes delude ourselves about marketing efforts that did not lead to sales or conversions. “That was a branding campaign,” the thinking goes. “Its goal was not conversion.”

Depending on how a CMO or decision-maker wants to look at it, that sentiment is either misleading or an indication that the marketer has just wasted the company’s money.

The purpose of all brand advertising – especially online – is conversion. (1,550 words; 7 minutes) By Webtrekk Head of Business Consulting Spencer Altman


How to Know You're Ready for a High-End Digital Analytics Solution

There are dozens of no-cost or very low-cost analytics solutions, and the data they provide has tremendously changed the ways businesses of all sizes operate. Yet despite the “free” advantage, some companies still opt for paid solutions. So, why? How should a business know when the opportunity cost is too high?

This white paper explores some of the opportunity costs of not investing in high-end solutions, and identifies the five main indicators of readiness for a high-end solution. (1,500 words; 7 minutes) By Webtrekk International Partner Manager Erin O'Rourke


Is Big Data Relevant in Digital Analytics?

Getting value from data is a challenge that transcends industry and company size. In its initial phases, however, this challenge is largely independent of the amount of data available. If the processes and organisational structure designed to get value out of data are not in place, then it does not matter whether companies have lots of data or, at least by today’s standards, relatively little data.

So it’s worth asking: Is Big Data relevant to my organisation? Now? (Length: 1,300 words; 6 minutes) By Webtrekk Head of Business Consulting Spencer Altman


Gaining Insights by Tracking Product Availability

It is of course a bit cliché: One cannot sell what one does not own. The offline retailer who still hands his products across the counter simply stops selling the moment he runs out. For the online retailer, however, the situation is much more challenging. There is often a city, a country or even a continent between the warehouse and the virtual shop counter.

This is currently one of the greatest challenges in the e-commerce sector. But keeping track of product inventory pays off. (Length: 1,600 words; 7 minutes) By Webtrekk Digital Analytics Consultant Markus Nagel


Social Media in the Travel Industry

This paper is written for online marketers with links to the travel industry, and has a few key objectives. Firstly, to highlight social media’s marketing potential as a part of a company’s digital marketing strategy; and secondly, to see how Webtrekk’s tools facilitate social media analytics. (1,150 words; 5 minutes) By Webtrekk Digital Analytics Consultant Askar Abdullaev


The Most Important Metrics in E-Commerce

This white paper breaks down the characteristics of good KPIs and which ones will most help e-commerce companies drive their profit. (1,375 words; 6 minutes) By Webtrekk Digital Analytics Senior Consultant Matthias Beick



Making Analytics Data Actionable: It's the customer, stupid!

You’re in business largely because of a fraction of your customer base: your best customers. But who are they? And what to tell them when and where? The best way to figure out is RFM: Recency, Frequency and Monetary value. By Webtrekk Country Manager Beleux Fred Pellenaars


Digital Intelligence Suite Venus Release

New features launching as part of the Digital Intelligence Suite Venus Release simplify your user-centric analytics and automated marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the upgrades that will make your digital marketing easier and more effective.


Shedding Light on Dark Social

Sharing is oxygen for today’s publishers. Unfortunately, sharing is also a headache for publishers – at least when it’s dark. Here's how we are helping our clients navigate dark social. By Webtrekk Content Manager David Vranicar


Digitising the Non-Digital

Once upon a time, it made sense to distinguish between online and offline. That time has passed. By Webtrekk CEO Christian Sauer


A Marketer's Guide to Enterprise Web Analytics

US-based Third Door Media recently released Enterprise Web Analytics Platforms 2015: A Marketer's Guide. The comprehensive report is designed to help marketers choose between the seemingly infinite number of analytics platforms available today. Webtrekk is mentioned among several other high-end providers – read on for more details. By Webtrekk CCO Ralf Haberich


Dev Blog: Networking Event

Why we overhauled our network infrastructure, and what it means for users. By Head of System Administration Ringo Dumdei


Marketing Automation: The End of the Marketing Analyst?

Automation is taking over digital marketing. But that doesn't mean humans – you know, those things that controlled marketing before algorithms came along – are suddenly irrelevant. This post explores the new ways that the human element will manifest in the digital age. By Webtrekk International Partner Manager Erin O'Rourke


Use Your Users

More than ever, you work for your users. But they can work for you, too. Because as channels multiply, users are the glue that ties it all together. By Webtrekk CEO Christian Sauer


The Dashboard Dilemma

Dashboards are curing yesterday’s headaches – and creating tomorrow’s. As they continue to multiply, recommendations about what to do next will be every bit as important as engaging design. By Webtrekk CCO Ralf Haberich



Marketing used to be a one-way street. Now it feels more like a Beijing traffic jam. To stay on course amid the chaos, modern marketing requires a user-centric database to store the data you generate from your touchpoints – all of them. By Webtrekk CEO Christian Sauer


Using HbbTV for an Online Shop

The television will quickly move out of its niche among the devices and conquer the market. By Director Consulting Marcel Martschausky


Dev Blog: Determining Conversion Probability

There is, as you know, no crystal ball for determining conversion probability. Just piles of data, complex formulas and powerful tools. That's not enough for magic, but we can certainly do better than guessing.

In this Dev Blog post, Markus Schaal, Webtrekk's Head of Data Science, gives a brief overview of how conversion probabilities work, and what they can do for you. By Head of Data Science Markus Schaal

Customer Stories


Personalised Marketing Leads to Increased Conversion

See how DefShop used Webtrekk to increase conversion by 72% and reduce bounce rate by 24%.

Online Lead, Offline Conversion

Offline conversions often start as online leads. No one knows this better than travel giant Expedia, which uses Webtrekk User Relationship Management (URM) to merge their online and offline worlds.

RTA: From User-Centric Data to Powerful Campaigns

DefShop is an online fashion shop for streetwear and hip-hop clothing. One of DefShop's main marketing channels is display advertising – especially retargeting. Check out details about how DefShop uses Webtrekk Real-Time Advertising to boost its retargeting.

Tackling Digital Marketing in the Banking Industry

This customer story looks at how Webtrekk partner eMerite helped Czech bank Komerční banka optimise its digital presence by using Webtrekk software. Thanks to raw data, user management customisation, industry-leading data protection and more, Komerční banka has bolstered conversion and traffic across its website and mobile platforms.

How Tweakers Uses Webtrekk to Optimise Its Visitor Interactions

Tweakers' biggest challenge is to optimise each of the millions of visitor interactions it has each month. Working with Webtrekk, the Dutch website performs in-depth analyses on these crucial interactions. The optimisation stories in this case study will demonstrate how Tweakers uses the power of Webtrekk to improve its website and drive growth.

Analysing the ROI of TV Commercials

Wirkaufens, a longtime Webtrekk user, accurately measures the online traffic and conversion rates generated from its different TV spots. By doing so, Wirkaufens optimises its TV spend and maximises its return on investment. See exactly how in this customer story!

The Myth of Accidental Tablet Clicks

This customer story looks at how InSkin Media, an advertising technology business that specialises in creating and delivering online branding campaigns, teamed with Webtrekk to track multi-device activity. The results shed light on how users engage with advertisers on different devices and dispelled some common misconceptions.

Use Cases



App and mobile tracking, internal search optimisation, TV tracking and more!


User Relationship Management

Cohort analysis, customer lifetime value, revenue estimation of marketing actions and more!

Marketing Automation

Data-driven AdWords remarketing, basket conversion optimisation, location-based marketing and more!



Optimised calls to action, paywall conversion, streamlined checkout and more!

Product Info


Digital Intelligence Suite Mercury Release

It has been a big year for the Digital Intelligence Suite – and it’s getting bigger. With the Mercury Release, we are introducing huge upgrades to dashboards, performance and user experience. Let’s go over some of the key improvements and what they mean for the Suite.


How To: User Relationship Management

User Relationship Management (URM) is a core component of the Webtrekk Digital Intelligence Suite. This How To guide provides some examples that will illustrate how you can use URM to optimise your website, your apps and your marketing spend.

User-Centric Tracking: Put Your Users at the Centre (German)

Mobile devices have shattered traditional tracking methods. People visit your site on their phones in the morning, they check their PCs at work, and they take another glance at home on a tablet. Good luck getting meaningful data out of that with cookies.

There is a solution, however: User-Centric Tracking, which is at the heart of User Relationship Management. Now you can sort what your visitors do across devices, across visits and over time. Check out what UCT can do for you in this paper. (Length: 700 words; 3.5 minutes)

Insights through Webtrekk's Path Analysis

Although the goal is to be a highway to conversion, websites are more like a network of streets. Many roads lead to Rome, and the exact sequence of page impressions en route to conversion can vary wildly.

That is why we use path analysis. The world of a website visitor is basically a world of paths – sequences of distinct actions. Virtually every element of the visitor experience is part of a path, from page impressions to clicks, search phrases to campaign contacts. (Length: 800 words; 4 minutes)

Sequence Filter: Go beyond path analysis

Webtrekk's sequence filter makes it possible to analyse a visitor’s path, and to use this path as a foundation for subsequent investigations and metrics. Put another way: Not only can you see what your visitors experienced, you can also cluster them according to their experiences. (Length: 900 words; 4.5 minutes)



The Next Big Thing: Bridging Devices
Webtrekk's CEO Christian Sauer at the Webtrekk User Conference 2015 in Berlin

► Segmenting with Webtrekk URM (German)
Webtrekk's Director Implementation & Client Training Florian Richter at the WUC Workshop Day 2015 in Berlin

► Digital Analytics Inside Out
Webtrekk's Head of Business Consulting, Spencer Altman, and Senior Business Consultant, Conrad Morbitzer, at the WUC Workshop Day 2015 in Berlin



Think Porsche: Use the Best but Know How to Use It

Webtrekk CCO Ralf Haberich at the Global Webit Congress 2014, Istanbul


CMO Quickcheck: Ich will valide Daten

Webtrekk's Director of Consulting Marcel Martschausky at Internet World 2015 (in German)


Conversion and the Art of Data-Driven Persuasive Psychology

Bart Schutz, Chief Psychology Officer, Online Dialogue
at the
Webtrekk User Conference


The Power of Now

Andreas Nau, Managing Director Central Europe, Expedia
at the
Webtrekk User Conference


Connecting RTA and CRM

Florian Heinemann, Managing Director, Project A Ventures
at the
Webtrekk User Conference


The Optimisation Strategy: How to Turn Data Into Profit

André Morys, CEO & Founder, Web Arts
at the
2015 Webtrekk User Conference


Webtrekk User Conference

Berlin, 29 May 2015


The Performance Metrics Model

A webinar presented by Spencer Altman,
Webtrekk's Head of Business Consulting


Surveys & Stats


Web Analytics Survey-Study: China 2015

No one does digital like China. The Middle Kingdom boasts the world's largest e-commerce market, the most smartphones and more Internet users than any other country. And these numbers are only going up. This survey gives an overview of where China's analytics landscape is today, and offers clues about where the world's biggest digital market is heading.

Click here for the full report!

Web Analytics Survey-Study: Turkey 2015

Turkey’s digital analytics market is growing right along with its economy. In order to understand where analytics in Turkey is today — and to get a better idea of where it is heading tomorrow — Webtrekk carried out surveys with Turkish analysts, agencies, business leaders and executives.

This report offers a snapshot of the goals, organisation and strategy of Turkish analytics market across industries.

Click here for the full report!

Web Analytics Survey-Study: Poland 2014

Marking the third year of the study, the 2014 Polish Web Analytics Survey highlights the evolution of the market over time. This report not only discusses the current status of Web Analytics in Poland, but also forecasts what is likely to happen in the coming years. Read on to see how Polish companies’ goals, experience levels and maturity have changed in just a few short years.

Click here for the full report!


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