Release Notes | December 2017

Analytics updates and mobile product list tracking


Mobile: Product List Tracking for iOS and Android

With the latest SDK releases we have added APIs for tracking product positions in search results or other lists so you can analyze the impact of product positions on the conversion rate just like you already can do on the web.

On Android, we integrated with the RecyclerView, the most common list container, making the implementation much easier.

Analytics: Improvement of Resilience of Report Mailing Functionality

We have improved the stability of the report mailing functionality, including the usage of a more reliable database for the configuration, adapting workflows, as well as improving the backup strategies.

Analytics: Adwords Reporting Metrics

Adwords reporting metrics are now available in Analytics. In the main navigation, adwords analysis are under "Marketing".

Analytics: Automatic Cancellation

To avoid high costs arising from unnecessary analysis, previous calculations are automatically cancelled as soon as a user switches to a different analysis or report while the current one is still loading.

Analytics: Report Start Dialog   

It is now possible to enable the start dialog, in which you can define reports time range or report filter values before calculating a report. This will facilitate and accelerate search results for your report.

NOTE: This option is available for users with report edit rights only.


Control Service: Status Call

The control service is used internally to activate Cross Device Bridge or Live Analytics. This service is now also a feedback function and the status of a previously started activation can be requested. This includes the Cross Device Bridge full mode activation process.