Release Notes | Migration & New UI for Custom Metrics and Formulas


With the new user interface in Analytics for managing your custom metrics and formulas, you can easily create, update, and delete your own metrics and formulas.

Furthermore, we have migrated already existing custom metrics and formulas from Webtrekk Q3 into Webtrekk Suite.

NOTE: With the migration from Q3 to Webtrekk Suite, changes to metrics and formulas made in the Suite have no more impact on their counterpart in Q3 and vice versa.

With this release, the following changes apply:

  • Custom formulas that include functions are not migrated. Functions are deprecated.
  • Custom Formulas using a custom metric or formula were resolved, so they do not include a reference to used custom metrics and formulas anymore.
  • All users having an assigned role, which includes the rights to manage custom metrics, can now create new custom metrics and formulas and change/ delete all existing custom metrics and formulas.
  • If you migrate a Q3 report including a custom formula or metric that has been created in Q3 after the release date, the custom metric or formula will not be migrated into the new analytics and will be missing in the migrated report.