Pixel v5 is in and manual pixel updates are out


One major feature to announce today: Pixel v5 is live.

Pixel v5 represents a big shift in how future updates will be handled. Starting with v5, all updates can be done with a simple click:

That means you won’t have to change out JavaScript files every time a new version of the Pixel is available.

Pixel 5 itself is also easy to install. Here is a short video showing how it works:

Other good-to-knows about Pixel v5:

Cross Device Bridge-enabled: Pixel v5 enables you to tap into the Cross Device Bridge, an optional, cooperative pool of shared device data. The Cross Device Bridge merges data from various sources around an anonymized email, letting you fill in all of your device and data blind spots. For more info, please contact ask@webtrekk.com.

Catalog view tracking: Catalog view tracking measures the performance of products and content that appear when a visitor scrolls to a certain page depth. Determine the placements, layouts and topics that generate the most engagement – even if the user never flips to a different page.

No downward compatibility: v2 or v3 iterations of the Webtrekk Pixel will not have immediate access to all updates moving forward.