Release Notes | 5 July 2017

New filters on sparklines and KPIs inside your reports, and simpler customizing for the Webtrekk tracking pixel.


KPI and Sparkline filter for report elements

In-depth filtering is now available on normal report elements, in addition to Live Analytics elements.

Just click on the wheel in the top-right corner of any sparkline or KPI…

… and then update your element. In this case, we’re filtering for visits that came from Sweden:

Pixel updates

We launched new versions of Pixel 4 and Pixel 5, which let you set the everID, CustomerID and referrer.
Pixel v4.3.9 and Pixel v5.0.3 each enable configuration with client-side URL parameters, also called "URL Fragments".

In addition, Pixel v4.3.9 lets you set the everID, CustomerID and referrer via JavaScript Method.

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