Release Notes | 20 July 2017

New features launch in Live Analytics, plus a better way to send data to multiple accounts.


New Live Analytics analyses available

A handful of new analyses are available in Live Analytics.

In addition to Pages and Media, which were the original Live Analytics analyses, you can now run live analyses on all of these:

  • City
  • Origin Type
  • Search Engines
  • Other Sources
  • Social Media
  • External Search Phrases
  • Advertising Media
  • Event Analysis
  • Media Analysis
  • Website Goals Analysis
  • Products

Comparing live elements

You can now compare live KPIs and sparklines within reports.

On any live KPI or sparkline, just select your comparison period:

Then look at how performance has evolved:

Sparkline for metrics in Live Analytics

Metrics can now be visualized as sparklines within Live Analytics.

You can simply select a metric, and click on “Visualization options.” Then select “Sparkline”…

… and your metric will have a sparkline directly within the table.

Increased RegEx limit

The length of Regular Expression (RegEx) code that can be used to send data to multiple accounts has been expanded from 255 characters – not always long enough – to 1,000 characters – super long.

Not familiar with this feature? Well, within the configuration of Q3 you can duplicate tracking requests so they are funneled into multiple accounts.

So for example, if you have a “Global” account that collects data from all websites and apps, you could also have a separate “Mobile” account that only receives mobile and app traffic. The new RegEx limit enables more complex patterns – for example, additional domains from which you want to send data to a specific account.