White Papers


Data Streams

The new data streaming architecture now makes it possible to stream Webtrekk data in real time into your Data Warehouse.

This Whitepaper gives an introduction into the general concept of data streaming (7 minute read, 1709 words) By Michael Diestelberg, VP Product & Marketing

Customer Intelligence

The digital world is more complex than ever. Companies must react to those changes and need to find a way to connect all available data. This is where Customer intelligence comes into play. 

This Whitepaper gives an introduction into CI as a concept (6 minute read) By Thomas Kalinna, Senior Technical Consultant at Webtrekk

Money Christmas (German)

The Christmas shopping frenzy no longer takes place at stores and malls. Now it happens on websites and apps.

This paper, written in German, goes over 10 steps that all e-commerce outlets should take to capitalise on the holiday season. (1,650 words; 7 minutes) By Webtrekk Head of Consulting Markus Nagel

The digital transformation as a challenge and source of revenue (in German)

Learn how Webtrekk's data-driven customer analytics approach enables medium-sized companies to develop digital offers and marketing campaigns that are optimally tailored to their own customers. By Christina Möller, Senior Technical Consultant.

The User Identity Concept (German)

Using data to construct and understand user identities is the key to generating profit in our data-drenched world.

This paper looks at how marketers can do exactly that. (2,000 words, 8.5 minutes – in German) By Webtrekk Consulting Director Marcel Martschausky and Webtrekk Technical Consultant Sven Kliem

Anatomy of a Web Analyst

The purpose of the analyst’s job is to help the company become more profitable. Period.

This paper explains what CMOs, Heads of Online and other digitial decision-makers should look for in their analysts. (1,500 words, 6.5 minutes) By Webtrekk Head of Business Consulting Spencer Altman

4 Lessons in Digital Marketing for the CMO

Despite the rapid evolution in marketing spawned by digital, marketing’s principle job can still be summed in three words: attract, acquire, retain. In some ways it is comforting to know that these objectives remain. But what to do next? What does that mean in a digital context?

This paper aims to answer those questions and offer four lessons to the CMO along the way. (1,300 words, 5.5 minutes) By Webtrekk International Partner Manager Erin O'Rourke

Change in Perspective: Understanding the User through Cross-Device Tracking

There is no escape from the term "cross-device". Cross-device tracking. Cross-device attribution. Cross-device marketing. Cross-device targeting (and retargeting).

This paper looks at what cross-device means for companies trying to capitalise, and why the challenges of cross-device are not simply technical. (2,500 words; 11 minutes) By Webtrekk Senior Consultant Digital Analytics Markus Nagel

Performance Analytics: Boost your analytics with performance metrics

The metrics often used as “KPIs” are of little business value. And a bad metric is like bad sushi: You always end up paying for it later.

So let us talk about what is (and is not) important for your analytics, and look at how performance metrics – not traditional KPIs – should be the focus. (2,550 words; 11 minutes) By Webtrekk Head of Business Consulting Spencer Altman

The Best Time to Send a Newsletter (German)

Email has become one of the best ways to reach your customers, visitors and target groups. Thanks to notifications, desktop alerts and smartphones that blink whenever a new email arrives, people live in their inboxes.

But that doesn't mean each and every email gets read. After all, just about everyone is trying to cash in on email, which makes optimisation techniques essential if your emails are going to avoid the "Trash" folder. This paper takes a look at how you can use analytics data to optimse your email and drive conversion. (1,700 words; 7.5 minutes; only in German) By Webtrekk Digital Analytics Consultant Felix Thoms

The Intelligence Management Model

“Data-driven” companies are often darlings in the press, social media and business talks. And with good reason: Being data-driven allows companies to understand the relationship between different channels and actions, between departments and profit.

But there will soon come a time when “data-driven” is not enough. The company of the future will not be data-driven; it will be data-dominated. (1,100 words; 5 minutes) By former Webtrekk CCO Ralf Haberich

How to Know You're Ready for a High-End Digital Analytics Solution

There are dozens of no-cost or very low-cost analytics solutions, and the data they provide has tremendously changed the ways businesses of all sizes operate. Yet despite the “free” advantage, some companies still opt for paid solutions. So, why?

This white paper explores the five main indicators of readiness for a high-end solution. (1,500 words; 7 minutes) By Webtrekk International Partner Manager Erin O'Rourke

Is Big Data Relevant in Digital Analytics?

Getting value from data is a challenge that transcends industry and company size. In its initial phases, however, this challenge is largely independent of the amount of data available. If the processes and organisational structure designed to get value out of data are not in place, then it does not matter whether companies have lots of data or, at least by today’s standards, relatively little data.

So it’s worth asking: Is Big Data relevant to my organisation? Now? (1,300 words; 6 minutes) By Webtrekk Head of Business Consulting Spencer Altman

Gaining Insights by Tracking Product Availability

It is of course a bit cliché: One cannot sell what one does not own. The offline retailer who still hands his products across the counter simply stops selling the moment he runs out. For the online retailer, however, the situation is much more challenging. There is often a city, a country or even a continent between the warehouse and the virtual shop counter.

This is currently one of the greatest challenges in the e-commerce sector. But keeping track of product inventory pays off. (1,600 words; 7 minutes) By Webtrekk Digital Analytics Consultant Markus Nagel

The Most Important Metrics in E-Commerce

This white paper breaks down the characteristics of good KPIs and which ones will most help e-commerce companies drive their profit. (1,375 words; 6 minutes) By Webtrekk Digital Analytics Senior Consultant Matthias Beick

Using Real-Time Analytics and Live Optimisation in Media

If people want up-to-the-second news, they turn to online media. And if online media outlets want up-to-the-second information about their visitors, they turn to real-time analytics.

As expectations and consumption habits of media evolve, responding quickly to new information is essential – which is where real-time analytics comes into play. (850 words; 4 minutes) By Webtrekk Digital Analytics Consultant Nora Tschech