Supported by the Pro FIT program of Investitionsbank Berlin, Webtrekk researches the discovery and explanation of website and server problems based on web analysis data in combination with the acquisition of further data points. This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Project description
Web analysis usually works postfactual, i.e. you can understand what worked well or badly afterwards and draw up hypotheses that you check for correctness based on the available data. Many of these efforts ultimately remain fruitless because there are not always indications as to which data points are interesting and worth analysing. This is exactly where our AI research project comes in.

Project’s goal
The aim is to automatically generate predictions that draw attention to problems with the website and, in a second step, to identify possible causes and suggest solutions for improving performance.
This closes the App-Data Gap, where analysts always become aware of problems of a website / app late and anticipate them instead of reporting them afterwards.