Full Transparency

You will never not know.

Our roots are in analytics. That’s how it all started. And while the Digital Intelligence Suite integrates digital marketing with analytics solutions, we have never stopped valuing the importance of data – transparent data.

Whether you’re using Webtrekk for search engine retargeting, newsletter remarketing, real-time advertising or anything in between, you will have unfettered access to your raw data. All of it. You will never be left guessing how effective your campaigns were, or what exactly you are paying for. 

Too often, digital marketing is based on opaque, black-box pricing policies that leave you at the mercy of whoever is sending the bill. This opens the door for all kinds of oily practices: Organic traffic reclassified as traffic driven by marketing. Meaningless page impressions. Clicks that drive up your costs, but not your conversion.

Our interests are aligned with yours: Provide you with raw data and automated marketing solutions that empower you to optimise your digital presence. We have nothing to gain by withholding information. You are paying for access to solutions, with pricing independent of metrics that can be manipulated.

Take hold of your raw data. Fully and transparently test and optimise. See the inner workings.