Webtrekk is now a Mapp company

Below we answer important questions about the acquisition of Webtrekk by Mapp with immediate effect. Further information can be found in our press release.

How do Webtrekk and Mapp fit together?
Webtrekk exemplifies anonymized data collection in websites and apps as well as data from external, third-party systems such as CRMs and ERPs. In addition, with Mapp, we will be able to integrate data from the email and push channel, SMS and other channels, in the future. Our customers will thereby benefit from the added advantages of seeing their segments and insights work seamlessly with email, push notifications and other marketing channels. Webtrekk’s existing onsite marketing tools such as recommendations, onsite personalization, exit-intent overlays and remarketing logics will all remain in place. 

What are the strategic reasons for the acquisition?
Webtrekk and Mapp have many synergies when it comes to data analysis and cross-channel marketing. Furthermore, both companies have a strong focus on first-party data – own information or data collected by themselves. This combined knowledge and data competence is something we wish to offer our customers as a consolidated package. At the same time, the combined offer and product range covers both customizable and ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions that are determined by the needs of various industries. We see great potential thanks to new possibilities in the field of automation and machine learning. Overall, customers will benefit from a broad range of products and services. As a result, Marketing Experts and Data Analysts gain more time to focus on their key tasks and strategy work.

What does this acquisition mean for Webtrekk customers?
The primary objective is to maintain and continue to grow Webtrekk’s customer base and drive the development of our technology. With Mapp, we have found the ideal partner who understands our data-driven business model and our culture. Webtrekk and Mapp have complementary technology and almost 100% complementary portfolios. Together, the two companies strive to become a leading, global digital marketing platform with unique personalization capabilities that create seamless customer experiences on websites, apps, emails, push notifications and social media.

Will our current Webtrekk contract remain as it is?
Yes, absolutely. Management and all employees will be integrated into Mapp but continue to act autonomously and operate independently. Contracts and prices remain valid for all customers. The offered services and your current contact person will stay the same. Our technology platform will be further developed in the future.

How will the acquisition affect Webtrekk’s data protection?
Like Webtrekk, data protection and informational self-determination is also part of Mapp’s DNA. Mapp is GDPR compliant and follows the highest international standards of data protection; Mapp is ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certified which ensures security management, as well as protection of personal data, in the cloud. Mapp is also certified by the internet association, eco, as part of the “Certified Senders Alliance,” the European whitelist project.

Will there be adjustments to Webtrekk’s product portfolio?
All customers can continue to use Webtrekk’s current technology and services unchanged. Customers will continue to have access to the full range of products and services. The new addition is that customers are welcome to request access to Mapp’s offer. It includes the data management platform (DMP) Mapp Acquire and the solution for running highly customizable, cross-channel marketing, Mapp Engage.

Will there be changes to the product?
Webtrekk will continue to focus on technological development and successful customer intelligence concepts. Webtrekk Analytics will continue to exist, both as a standalone solution and integrated with Mapp. Webtrekk will interlink with Mapp’s cross-channel marketing. 

Will development of the technology platform continue?
Yes, definitely. Product development will continue at Webtrekk in the future. This acquisition is an important step towards the next phase of our corporate development. In conjunction with Mapp, Webtrekk can advance technology development in the best interests of customers. In addition, we will be better positioned to think and act internationally in the future. 

Are there changes for Webtrekk partners?
All partnerships will remain unchanged by the acquisition. This applies to technical partners, strategic partners, agencies and resellers.

Are there changes to the Webtrekk management team?
The current Webtrekk management team will remain unchanged. The founders, Christian Sauer and Norman Wahnschaff, plus the CFO/COO, Ferdinand von Humboldt, will all continue to lead and manage Webtrekk in the future.

When will the acquisition be finalized?
Closing of the transaction, which is subject to applicable regulatory clearances and other customary closing conditions, is expected to occur in the second quarter of 2019. Webtrekk will continue on its path towards growing independently while simultaneously being together with Mapp. Webtrekk will also continue to offer its services with the usual high levels of quality in the future.