Webtrekk Starter Package

Your easy way to get started with Webtrekk's enterprise solutions


The Webtrekk Starter Package is designed to answer your biggest questions. Zero in on specific channels and behaviors, optimize your existing tracking and sync data with your favorite tools.

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Analytics Starter

Want to get started with something simple? No problem.

  • Perfect for teams that want to focus on specific channels
  • Easily scalable – add features and increase limits at any time
  • Full access to Webtrekk Customer Support

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Webtrekk Data Hub

Import and export your data to get the most out of your tools.

  • No frontend required
    Configure your data transfers once then forget about it.
  • Faster, more frequent data feeds
    Fill your data warehouse every two hours.
  • Free customer service and support
    Write an email, make a ticket – multichannel customer service available to all customers.

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Webtrekk Audit

Webtrekk Audit is a comprehensive analysis of your analytics tracking and data.

  • Online Marketing Audit
    We help you to optimize the efficiency of your marketing budget by identifying low-hanging fruit and new opportunities.
  • Tracking Audit
    Get a review of your data collection and clear recommendations for technical and quality optimization.
  • Workshops with your teams
    We will meet with you to dissect everything analytics: data, tracking, reporting and more.

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