TV Tracking

Turn viewers into visitors.

With TV Trekk, you can correlate direct referrals and pre-defined search engine queries with TV advertisements. This enables you to measure the success of your TV campaigns by tracking all relevant searches executed up to, say, eight minutes after a broadcast.


  • Direct evaluation of the influence of advertising spots
  • Automatic calculation of ad traffic after importing the spot broadcasting times and setting of brand keywords
  • Analysis linking target groups with retroactive evaluations in Webtrekk Analytics


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TV Trekk measures the impact of your TV campaigns and allows you to further optimise your TV engagements. The analyses are extremely fast and accurate. Finally!

Sven Töpfer, Head of Online Marketing


Connect your ads to your traffic.

Filtering TV-driven traffic

To measure the impact of your TV campaigns, TV Trekk allows you to filter impulse buyers. Track direct traffic and pre-defined search queries, both organic and paid. Define exactly how long after your TV ads you would like TV Trekk to track your KPIs. TV Trekk determines the increase between your usual traffic and your traffic during and closely following your ads, thus calculating your TV ads’ impact.

Retroactive analysis based upon raw data

TV Trekk enables you to retroactively import your advertisement times for the previous 60 days and link them with the raw data. The data analysed by TV Trekk can be further dissected by the solutions in the Digital Analytics Suite.

TV tracking in practice

If, for example, an Internet user runs a general search for “pizza” during the time when a TV ad for an online delivery service is being broadcast, the search could have happened independently of the TV ad. Therefore, this particular search is not taken into account when measuring the success of the TV spot or campaign.

However, if this user directly types in the web address of the pizza delivery service, or explicitly searches for its brand name in the surrounding field of the TV ad, this search query is linked to the TV ad. This way, you can analyse at what time and on which channel your TV ad converts the best, and evaluate whether TV visitors actually order the advertised product.