Make your instincts measurable.

With our A/B and multivariate testing solutions, you can examine two or more variations of elements on your site – content, layout, images and so on – and see which one drives traffic and profits. Quantify exactly how your visitors respond to changes on your site and apps. No more guessing. 


  • Test content, forms, newsletter signups, check-out processes, paywalls and more
  • Maximise conversion rates with banner display, newsletters and social media optimisation
  • Boost the ROI of your search engine advertising by not only testing your ads but also your landing pages
  • Evaluate traffic courses, canals and funnels
  • Split URL to multilevel testing – test it all
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Webtrekk helps optimising the website. We can really do great in-page analysis and say, “Okay, we’re going to change this and this and this on the website,” and then we can really measure it.

Vincent Pijpers, Manager Business Intelligence


Tinker. Test. Improve.

Customisable changes

If you realise that one combination works best for one group, while another combination works better for another group, then you can customise distinct designs and implement them for different target audiences. You can also use A/B and multivariate testing methods to execute live targeting based on just about anything: channels, keywords, devices – even the weather.

Cross-device testing

Long gone are the days when websites only needed to be responsive on desktop browsers. But that’s no problem.

With Webtrekk Testing, you can optimise your site for multiple devices, enhancing your impact on computers, smartphones and tablets. Also, thanks to advanced tracking technology that utilises Customer ID numbers instead of mere cookies, individual users can be identified regardless of how they surf the web.

Email optimisation

A/B and multivariate testing goes way beyond tinkering with the layout of your homepage. Webtrekk Testing also enables you to increase your email click-through rate by running A/B and multivariate tests on email content. This feature is compatible with numerous email-marketing providers.