Webtrekk Tag Integration

All the tags, none of the coding.

Webtrekk’s Tag Integration solution makes it easy to integrate your analytics and DMP data with your third-party marketing tools.

With the powerful Custom Plugin editor, you can simply drop the code from any third-party marketing tool into Tag Integration. After that, your Webtrekk data will be available exactly where you need it.


  • Easy to create tags for any third-party tools
  • Ensures clean source code
  • Complies with data protection requirements
  • Accelerated implementation of online marketing campaigns 




Webtrekk offers us sophisticated analysis methods and a highly convenient and high-performance interface.

Ute Scharff, Team Leader Content Management


Empower the marketing team.

How it works

Webtrekk Tag Integration provides an intelligent interface that enables the various components of your website to seamlessly interact, even if they come from different service providers. Say goodbye to third-party code and tedious integration. Webtrekk Tag Integration puts the marketing department in control.

Data protection

Together, let’s make sure that you are fully transparent to your users about your tools and cookies. Webtrekk Tag Integration lets you manage your integrated tools in compliance with data protection legislation. Allow only those cookies which are necessary to operate and support your website.

Save time, gain control

You are used to integrating third-party tools into your website by enriching the source code of your pages with third-party code and JavaScript. This can become a time-consuming and costly process.

Webtrekk Tag Integration is the solution, letting you securely and cleanly drag-and-drop new tags. The source code of your pages and website performance both remain stable. All that changes is the amount of time it takes (less) and the speed of implementing changes (more).