Webtrekk Analytics

Create relationships built on data.

The path taken to conversion has never had more turns. Webtrekk Analytics lets you connect the channels, devices, sites and apps that your customers use to engage.


User-centric analytics

A metric never made a purchase. That’s why Webtrekk Analytics puts users at the center of everything.

Devices, sessions, purchases – it’s all linked to anonymized user profiles. This gives you a real-world view of engagement and retention instead of a browser-level view of clicks and visit duration.

All of your user-centric data can be pushed to marketing tools to deliver push notifications, emails, recommendations and more. You can also import data from CRM systems, email tools and ad platforms.


Let your data talk.

An intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes dashboard design simple, and one-click exports let you reach your colleague’s inbox in a snap.

You can also enrich your web and app data by connecting your dashboards to data sources like Facebook and Salesforce.

And if you want a hand getting started, no problem. We can work with you from concept to creation to make sure your dashboards say exactly what you want.

Merge web and app

Data doesn’t care about devices. Your analytics tool shouldn’t either.

Webtrekk Analytics merges data from your website and app to generate meaningful cross-device insights.

Traditional web analytics data is integrated, combined and blended with data from our easily customizable iOS and Android SDKs.

If a user browses products on a phone and makes a purchase on a computer, you will know exactly how the journey looked. See how behavior and purchase patterns vary per device, and adapt your marketing to maximize engagement.

See the entire journey – channel by channel, device by device.

Predictive analytics

Make your analytics about the future, not the past.

Webtrekk’s machine learning technology lets you predict how users will respond to different triggers across various points of the customer journey.

  • Customer lifetime value: Predict the order value of customers over the next 6 months and beyond
  • Conversion probability: Leverage previous visits, orders and more to identify your next customer
  • Expected order value: Find out how much your customers’ upcoming orders will be worth – from the next purchase to the one in 30 days
  • Churn probability: Know how likely a visitor is to return, and make sure customers with a high customer lifetime value stay engaged