Onsite Recommendations

Bring them to your site. And keep them there.

Search engine marketing and real-time advertising are great for bringing visitors to your website. But once they are there, you want them to stay.

Onsite Recommendations from Webtrekk can make your site stickier. Use analytics data and rich user profiles to recommend exactly the right content to exactly the right visitors.


  • Integration with in-depth URM profiles
  • Customisable rules for individual campaigns
  • Products, articles, special offers – recommend anything


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Customised campaigns

Onsite Recommendations lets you define target groups based on numerous variables – geolocation, device information, historic user behaviour and more. You can segment for everything from past user behaviour to purchase history to referrer.


Campaigns can have several target groups and specified rules for each one. The rules are highly customisable. For example, rules can be set to determine if weather conditions are optimal for a certain campaign – bathing suits might be a hard sell if it’s snowing outside.