Mobile App Analytics

Your users are going mobile. Join them.

With Webtrekk Mobile Analytics and Analytics for Apps, you can analyse your mobile assets down to the smallest detail.

Whether you’re managing a mobile website or apps, Mobile Analytics lets you dissect your data, optimise your ads and personalise your messaging.


  • Adjust tracking for activities, screens and behaviours without having to release an app update
  • Utilise the Digital Intelligence Suite’s Mobile Analytics interface
  • Get a clear picture of campaign attribution and deep linking to determine exactly how and why your users engaged with your apps
  • Use Webtrekk Marketing Automation to send targeted messages to your users

Webtrekk’s app SDKs

Webtrekk’s mobile software development kit (SDK) makes app tracking simple. Load the SDK into your app, and automatically receive in-depth data about screens, users, engagement and more.

And if you reconfigure Webtrekk Mobile Analytics – for example, by adding an activity to track or removing tracking from certain events –you don’t have to re-release your app, and your users don’t need to keep installing updates.

Predefined analyses

Webtrekk Analytics for Apps also comes with meaningful predefined engagement and retention analyses, letting you dig in to your mobile data from Day 1.

Engagement analyses give you all your most important mobile KPIs, such as daily active use, monthly active use and more. Retention analyses let you create cohorts and understand user behavior on a granular level to determine the “stickiness” of your apps.

All predefined analyses are easily customisable to fit your exact needs and specifications.