Webtrekk Marketing Automation

Turn in-depth analytics into powerful marketing. Automatically.

Use cases

Convert basket abandoners
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Location-based marketing

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Data-driven AdWords remarketing
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Webtrekk Marketing Automation uses granular data to generate personal, impactful recommendations. Interact with your visitors on different channels – from onsite suggestions to emails to external advertisements.


  • Onsite Recommendations for updates or special offers based on past user behaviour
  • Exit Intent Technology to show a layer – a rebate, shipping offer, reminder, etc. – when a user reaches the end of the page, starts to exit or triggers other customisable actions
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Marketing Automation in action

Actionable segmentation 

By tapping into visitor data, it’s possible to look at users individually and segment them according to their preferences, their lifetime value, their average purchases and so on. All of this information can be put to use in milliseconds, letting you take action immediately – and automatically.

Marketing Automation channels 

Widgets, emails, ads, personalised pages, pop-up layer... control it all with Marketing Automation.

  • Harness the power of ad networks and target your visitors directly with Real-Time Advertising
  • Place personalised recommendations on your website
  • Display special offers – like a newsletter signup, a rebate or shipping cost discount – when a user intends to leave your site
  • Send emails with special offers – e.g., a rebate 12 hours after someone abandoned a basket
  • Launch a dedicated page on your website with personal recommendations

Real-Time Advertising

When bidding on ad space, all available information should be taken into account: Someone more likely to visit your site deserves a higher bid. Marketing Automation’s Real-Time Advertising service uses user data – items purchased, services used, articles read and so on – to make sure that this bid gets placed.

Powered by User Relationship Management

User-centric tracking is an analytics approach that places the user at the centre. Every page, every referrer, every search, every product seen and bought, is stored in relation to the user. This way it is possible to quickly look at users individually, segment them according to their preferences, their lifetime value, their average purchases, their likelihood to convert, etc. All of this information can be looked up in milliseconds to power personalised marketing campaigns. It is the basis for a personalised approach to marketing on any channel and the basis for a great real-time advertising experience.