Exit Intent Technology

Let them know why they should stay.

Webtrekk’s Exit Intent Technology lets you to act on visitors’ behaviour in real time. Design a layer for any behaviour and trigger it based on our comprehensive rule engine. Whether you want to recover visitors who are about to leave or nudge indecisive users in the right direction, you can automate what you show based on how their behaviour and history.


  • Versatile application for different use cases: survey invitation, content promotion, newsletter sign-up, live chat and more
  • Segment your target groups: regulars, high-value visitors, indecisive users, cart abandoners
  • Frequency cap to stay on their good side
  • Seamless integration with Webtrekk Analytics and Webtrekk URM to leverage your visitor data
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Design freedom

Create your own, individualised layers. There are no limitations to design or functionality. Just choose the layer size and insert a URL for the content – an image, a survey, a video.

Avoid pop-up blockers

Unlike conventional pop-up advertisements, Webtrekk’s Exit Intent Technology utilises user-specific, behaviour-triggered layers. Your message will be personalised, relevant and untouched by pop-up blockers. Importantly, your visitors will never see more than one layer per session.

Context-sensitive targeting

Use a wide range of Webtrekk metrics to not only recover visitors, but to show interesting content or offers based on granular data. Offer a loyal visitor a rebate, show a new visitor a video, ask someone who abandoned a cart for their email – and then send them a reminder.