Email Marketing

Data – your new email marketing tool.


Webtrekk offers two-way integration between your analytics email tools. Run email campaigns based on granular analytics data, and trigger automated onsite marketing with your email data.


Pushing your analytics data directly to your email tool lets you leverage your segments. Run customized campaigns for big spenders, new visitors, loyal customers and any other group you identify with your analytics data.

Action-based emails
Use different behaviors from your website and apps to automate messages. If a user abandons a basket or making their third visit this week, Webtrekk can push that data to your email tool to trigger a personalized follow-up.

MA based on email
The data flows both ways: Webtrekk to email, and email to Webtrekk. Launch onsite marketing campaigns based on email data. For example, if someone clicked on an email link for a certain product, then remind them about that product the next time they arrive.