Customer Journey

Know every turn your visitors took before arriving.

Customer Journey lets you pinpoint the advertising channels that did – and did not – drive traffic to your website. You can record the entire campaign history for individual users to ensure that customer journeys go where they are supposed to: your site.


  • Conversion probability for optimised targeting
  • Cross-channel tracking
  • Transparency regarding channel impact
  • Affiliate advertising treated the same as other channels



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Webtrekk gives me all of the information I need – all of the touchpoints we have with our customers, all the context of the customer journey.

Stefan Sommer, Senior Manager Data-Driven Advertising


Map their journey. Predict their next one.

Conversion probability

Webtrekk Customer Journey can predict conversion probability for individual users. This probability – calculated using channel history, engagement and more – lets you anticipate the impact of your marketing efforts.

In-depth insights

Webtrekk Customer Journey provides a platform for tracking a visitor’s customer journey from start to finish. You can unearth previously hidden associations and interactions in online campaigns, including all advertising touchpoints – even those that weren’t clicked.


Customer Journey combines campaign costs with conversion and revenue data, arming you with information about which channels are the most profitable, and which ones need to be revamped.

Tracking filter

The tracking filter uses fixed rules to determine the advertising channel(s) that should receive commission.  This feature lets you independently and transparently identify which advertising channel contributed to the sale.

Attribution model

You can break down the profit generated from different touchpoints, including those that came before a visitor first landed on your site. Along with basic attribution rules – e.g., first click, last click and uniform distribution – attribution models with more complexity can also be established.