Audience API

Optimize Your Website with Webtrekk Data in Real-Time

Use your Webtrekk data to its fullest potential


eCommerce personalization

Connect the Webtrekk Audience API to your shop system and discover a whole new range of possibilities for website personalization. Via the API, you can potentially increase customer value and user satisfaction through real-time website optimization. For example, show returning website visitors something different to what you show new visitors.

First Party Data for Third Party Systems

Make your other systems smarter. Provide all your connected systems with your Webtrekk data. Enrich your ad server provider with detailed user information based on your own segments and improve ad performance.


Effectively optimize website content based on visitor segments

Precisely identify your visitors

With the Webtrekk Audience API, segmented user characteristics can be easily and efficiently requested from Webtrekk, such as: master data; RFM values; and individual dimensions and metrics. You can also create your own user segments and feed third-party systems your unique segment information, or simply use the segments for website optimization.


Effective use of resources

Visitor segmentation makes it possible to adjust a page to individual needs. The Webtrekk Audience API has a lot of built-in flexibility in the way it can be configured, so you have the chance to be creative with your segments. The Webtrekk Audience API can cater to a wide range of needs – whether the goal is to enrich a CMS with information or personalize the way visitors are addressed, our API is the solution.

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