Retroactive, live and predictive digital marketing analytics.


Webtrekk Analytics offers an endless range of filter and analysis functions. Whatever type of site you operate, our analytics tools give you the raw data you need to dive into your web and app metrics so you can optimise your digital marketing campaigns.

Thanks to integration with Marketing Automation and User Relationship Management, your analytics data can be utilised to generate automated, user-centric offers and content for your users. Don’t just sit on your analytics data. Use it.


  • Comprehensive analysis capabilities designed to leveage raw data
  • Retroactive calculations at any time for segments and target groups, even for new queries
  • Overlay and heatmap to create customer journey maps and visualise visitor behaviour
  • Visual click path analyses and process maps
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Create your own customer journey map

Quantify all of the activity on your website and apps with customer journey mapping. Make the user journey come to life with journey maps, and identify where you can further optimise the customer experience.


Use raw data to increase your conversion rate

Web analytics based on raw data provides a deeper, more nuanced picture than data based on sampling or aggregation. Webtrekk was one of the first web analytics providers to offer raw data calculations that you can integrate with data warehouse or customer relationship management systems.

Track the impact of your TV campaigns

TV tracking from Webtrekk lets you correlate direct referrals and pre-defined search engine queries with TV advertisements. Measure the success of your TV campaigns by tracking all direct referrals and search queries containing defined brand names executed up to, say, eight minutes after broadcast.

Segment your customer base to optimise customer experience

Create meaningful website metrics. Save filters that you want to use for multiple analyses for quick access to even the most complex analyses. Ad hoc segmenting can shed light on key questions about your web traffic and the returns on your marketing campaigns.